P2P Distributed Green Energy Market

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Empowering communities... Produce, consume and sell green energy locally and efficiently.

Energy Cooperatives... The link between communities and the real electricity market.

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How it Works?


Energy Smart Metering based on Blockchain Technologies.

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Trust, Transparency and Traceability.

Certify who, when and where produces and consumes each kWh of green energy within Pylon Network.

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Pylon Network Blockchain

First and unique Blockchain dessigned for energy sector needs.

  • Up to 1,000 tx/sec
  • Federated nodes
  • Non competitive mining
  • Minimum energy costs per tx
  • Segwit
  • Digishield
  • Atomic swaps
  • Lightning network

All blockchain platforms do not work for any application. The energy sector in particular requires a high rate of transaction speed to manage all his data; In addition, it is necessary to have great scalability and versatility, being able to absorb huge amounts of data, store and process them. For the moment, blockchains like Ethereum, could not cover these requirements.

The value proposition of Pylon Network is the development of its own blockchain technology specially designed for the energy market needs.

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Pylon Token


"Token-ized" investment & ownership for green energy projects.

The Pylon Token [PYLNT] represents the multi-ownership assets of the green energy generation plants which investors finance.

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Certification & payment method for green energy.

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Certified green energy from the producer to your home. Choose the source of the energy you consume and when you want to pay for it.

Join Pylon!

Register your household in the respective category below, in order to gain exclusive access during the demonstration phase of the Pylon Network platform


If you have solar panels on your roof and would like to participate as a Prosumer on Pylon Network, you can register your installation below.



If you are interested in being one of the first consumers of Pylon Network, then all you have to do is click on the following link.



If you own a solar panel installation and would like to participate as a Producer in Pylon Network, register your installation on the link below.




Pyloncoin dynamic payment system

Implementation the Pylon Coin dynamic payment system for Prosumers on the DEMO Simulation.

Scalability test – 1000 users

Test of scalability with 1000 users sending energy data to the Pylon blockchain.

Metron DApp 0.4.0 – Prosumers integration

Metron DApp update to v 0.4.0 , Prosumers integration


METRON Installation 2nd round

Second round of METRON smart meters installation


Partnership with an important smart-meters manufacturer


Airdrop details release

WhitePaper Update v.2.0

WhitePaper update v.2.0 with current information details

New Exchanges

Launch PYLNT on exchanges


Metron Installation 3rd round

Third round of METRON smart meters installation

PYLNT New Smart Contract

Execution new Pylon Token smart contract, with updated features and functions

New Exchanges

Launch PYLNT on exchanges


Release Pylon Network Wallet for PYLNT & PYLNC

California partnership

Partnership with a californian organisation for implement a project


Pyloncoin MAIN NET

Launch MainNet of Pyloncoin

Pyloncoin Explorer

Release Pyloncoin blockchain explorer

PYLNC distribution for PYLNT holders

The first PYLNC distribution for all PYLNT holders

New exchanges

Launch PYLNC on exchanges

Roadmap Update

Release of the next Roadmap milestones


Pleased to meet you!

  • Gerard Bel


    Gerard Bel

    Industry Automation & Electrical Engineer – Specialization in FC

  • Agustín Roig


    Agustín Roig

    Industrial Engineer and Product Designer

  • Markos Romanos


    Markos Romanos

    Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineer

  • Eugenio Moliner


    Eugenio Moliner

    Electronics and Automation Engineer – Specialization in PV

  • Marc Feliu


    Marc Feliu

    Blockchain and fullstack developer

  • César Sanz


    César Sanz

    Metron developer

  • Alex lópez


    Alex lópez

    Alternative Coins. Ekhi coin board member

  • Jose Álvarez


    Jose Álvarez

    Energy market analyst

  • Joaquín Mora

    Co CTO

    Joaquín Mora

    Buisiness management

  • Cristina Carrascosa


    Cristina Carrascosa

    Blockchain legal expert

  • Vicent Nos


    Vicent Nos

    Cryptocurrency Expert Developer

  • Juan Gavilan


    Juan Gavilan

    Accountant and financial


  • Bill Buchan

    Bill Buchan

    Management Consulting

  • Guto Owen

    Guto Owen

    Clean Energy Consultant

  • Luis Sacristan

    Luis Sacristan

    Marketing and PR

  • Carlos Sagues

    Carlos Sagues

    Electronic Control Advisor

  • Paul deGive

    Paul deGive

    Business advisor

  • Lars Henrik Juel

    Lars Henrik Juel

    Lead Commercial Developer

  • Masoud Rokni

    Masoud Rokni

    Associate Professor at Technical University of Denmark

  • Julio Campo

    Julio Campo

    Energy Cooperatives Consultant


Who collaborate in the project

  • Goiener
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Ewii
  • Chip-chap
  • Entropy factory
  • Ecrwod
  • Ecoindus
  • Fair Coop
  • Fair Coin
  • Egeo
  • La Corriente
  • Ecooo
  • Vagalume Energía
  • UnionRenovables
  • Ateneo
  • BrightonCoop
  • EnergyCities
  • LaPinada


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