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    Jul, 2017
  • A fresh, European proposal for the decentralization of energy & cooperative governance.

“Have you ever dreamt of the future energy system? We have. And we have been doing it for quite a long time now. The realization that most people have not grasped the full ‘sexiness’ of Renewable Energy (RE) and the potential impact of distributed generation, is the reason why Klenergy was born”.

Klenergy is a team of European engineers that for the last three years have been developing technologies aiming at empowering sustainable technologies and renewable energy generation.

Klenergy has now announced the launch of an innovative service, powered by blockchain technology: Pylon Network is a platform for the direct exchange of green electricity – from producers to consumers – without the need for intermediaries. At the same time, Pylon Network rewards the production of green electricity aiming at smoothing out any imbalances in the existing reward mechanisms of traditional energy markets.

Pylon Network is designed to create a prosperous environment, regarding:

  • The provision of financial incentives for green energy investment growth;
  • The direct exchange of cheap, green energy;
  • The exclusive use of certified green energy.

“The technology to achieve our 100% sustainable development vision is out there and it works! Pylon is here to accelerate its implementation and demonstrate the potential value creation that comes with decentralization of energy supply chain, investment decisions and policies.”

An aspiring plan, founded on a Pylon

Klenergy team and the involved partners have attempted to offer an alternative token sale compared to the vast majority of “ICOs” that pop-up every day. There has been an attempt to differentiate the sale of Pylon tokens on two key characteristics: (i) by offering a token, whose value is literally based on the most valuable commodity of our times (renewable energy); and (ii) by utilizing the token sale revenues in sustainable energy projects, which will generate income, while offering clean energy to the Spanish electrical network.

Pylon Network will be implemented and tested at a commercialization scale, within the operational and legal framework of energy cooperatives in Spain.

“We believe that with the given structure, as well as the values manifested by the renewable energy cooperatives, the Pylon P2P Network could harness the development of a decentralized and international cooperative model, with mechanisms of distributed consensus and governance at its foundation.“

The pilot in this real-case environment will begin on November ‘17, after the successful completion of the Pylon token sale, launching on September 29th . The first simulations of the platform have already started, acquiring real data from existing customers (at a local community level) and simulating the exchange of green energy between consumers and producers.

The team is aiming to raise the equivalent amount of around € 3.8 M in order to realize their optimal development of Pylon Network – which includes a series of hardware installations (renewable energy generation (solar PV), energy storage units and smart meters) within the Spanish electrical grid but also, stand-alone installations – not connected to the grid.

Klenergy is working closely with creative and conscious professionals both in the energy sector and in the blockchain developers’ community. What brought us together in the first place and shall keep us bonded, is the impact that our actions have on our planet and the impact that decentralized technologies can have on our lifestyle and our evolution.

Klenergy is a Spanish startup (also based in Denmark) with a history of success and continuous drive for evolving and staying on the forefront of advancements, regarding our (future) energy systems.

Klenergy sees sustainable technologies as a pathway, not only to a greener and less polluted planet, which is still a huge deal, but also as a pathway to a fairer and more democratic society, with equal access to resources and therefore, opportunities.

Klenergy has already developed two products, which allow having a large impact towards this belief; the flagship hydrogen battery, Klenergy HELIOS, and the first available smart meter based on blockchain technology – Klenergy METRON.

“Today, we are very excited to announce our newest service, Pylon Network. On this day, we signify our commitment to the future of our energy systems, our societies and our governance.”

Read more: Website (download White Paper): www.pylon-network.org

Twitter: @klenergytech

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