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    Sep, 2017
  • Chip-Chap Payment Gateway & Escrow

Benicarló, Spain 

Today, we are announce the collaboration with ChipChap payment platform.

Chip-Chap will be acting an as escrow agent during the whole token sale period, for all payments in Bitcoin, Faircoin, Ethereum and FIAT currencies (EUR & USD). 

With the support of ChipChap, we offer a great convenience for the token sale participants, since they can buy Pylon-tokens with Bitcoin, Faicoin and FIAT currencies while offering increased safety and decreased risk in our ICO, by acting as escrow agent for these payments. At the same time, we are able to offer an additional degree of credibility, by having our smart contracts audited by the experienced developers’ team of Entropy Factory. 

We are delighted to announce this news today because, being able to offer the highest certainty and credibility has been the most important aspect on this project and its value proposition – from day 1.

You can follow the tutorials for investing on the Pylon Token Sale below:


Pylon-Token pre-sale starts on 29 Sep 2017 (12:00 CET) until 17 Oct (15:48 CET) –  separated in segments with diferent bonus. The pre-sale (“pre-ICO”) investments will have a  maximum quota – of EUR 190,000-  826,086956521739000000 ETH.

Depending on the  segment in which the token purchase occurs, as well as the amount of the investment, the discount rate varies. The highest discount is achieved by participating with the maximum investment (max. quota) AND during the first interval of the pre-ICO.

1st preICO (20%BONUS) has ended: 6 October (20:43 H)

• 2nd preICO (10% BONUS) ends in block: 4,358,387
From 6 October (20:44 H) to 12 October (06:16 H)

• 3rd preICO (5% BONUS) ends in block: 4,373,933
From 12 October (06:17 H) to 17 October (15:49 H)

The Pylon-token sale (ICO) starts on 17 Oct 2017 (15:49 CET) – right after the closure of the pre-ICO . The ICO will last until 25 Nov (01:45 CET) and no discounts/bonuses are offered during that period.

For all info, visit: www.pylon-network.org  


Klenergy is the coordination team behind Pylon Network: a team of European engineers that for the last three years have been developing technologies aiming at empowering sustainable technologies and renewable energy generation. Klenergy is working closely with creative and conscious professionals both in the energy sector and in the blockchain developers’ community.  Pylon Network is already running in simulations and a portion of GoiEner’s customers (energy cooperative from Spain) will participate in the pilot demonstration which is planned to begin on coming October (’17) and will be funded by the Pylon-token sale (ICO). 


Read more about Chip-Chap: 

CHIP-CHAP: https://www.chip-chap.com/  


 Read more about Pylon Network: 

Website (download White Paper): www.pylon-network.org (English & Spanish) 

Pylon Network Press Releases: http://pylon-network.org/blog  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KlenergyTech  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KlenergyTechOfficial/  

Telegram channel: https://t.me/pylonnetworkofficialtelegram  


Have a question? [email protected] (English & Spanish) 


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  1. Светлана says:

    Why did you recommend the wallet Myetherwallet and said that payment through Ether? If you sell through Chip-Chap and for fiat money?

    1. Eugenio Moliner says:

      Today we have had to postpone the Pylon TokenSale opening to cover all the bullet points that the Audit recommend us. For these reason, when you go to the http://www.pylon-network.org , can not see yet the option for invesment through ETH. And yes, we recommend the wallet MyEtherwallet because you have the tokens directly after the purchase. But we also give people the option of investment though FIAT BTC and FAIRCOIN, using the Chip-Chap payment gateway (it takes more time in the case of FIAT becouse of the Bank Transfers conditions)

      I invite you to join us on Telegram and be up to date : https://t.me/pylonnetworkofficialtelegram

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