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    Jun, 2019
  • Community Reward Program Launches Today!

We are very excited to announce the launch of Pylon Community Reward Program!

As part of our continuous effort to increase the awareness of the project, engage with and grow our community, we are addressing to the collective competences, knowledge and initiatives of Pylon community!

We all know that strength is in numbers and we have been impressed with the initiatives, commitments and results that some members put into the efforts of our project.
And we want incentivize these kind of initiatives by rewarding them and giving back to the community.

This is why we are launching the Pylon community reward program: to reward, every week, the most active and helpful members of the community. To grow together!

Below, you can find all the information you need to know about the program. If you still have any questions feel free to reach us!


  • – The program and all communication will be officially running through the English telegram channel.
  • Spanish, Portuguese & Balkan Pylon communities will also be participating. The activity in these channels will be followed and evaluated in coordination with each of the admins.
  • The program will run for 15 weeks, until September (included).
  • 10 PLYNT/WEEK awarded to the top 3 community members (1st: 5.5 PYLNT; 2nd: 3 PYLNT; 3rd: 1.5 PYLNT)
  • – The evaluation criteria are simple: the more active and the more valuable, the better (both within and outside the community)!


Examples include (but not limited to):

+ Be active in Telegram community. Participate in conversations. Welcome new members. Be a good host and example!
+ Liking, sharing Pylon Network content posted in our social media channels.
+ Raising awareness in other groups, sharing Pylon news, mentioning the project in post comments.
+ Contacting influencers/Youtubers/bloggers/opinion leaders and letting them know about the project.
+ Writing articles, producing visual material (original content)
+ Sharing blockchain/crypto news with the community (beware of not getting kicked out by the channel bots – if you are to share Telegram or Youtube links, contact the channel admin @MarkosD by pm)
+ Become admins of Pylon telegram channels in other languages.
+Be creative! Contact us if you have a “mini-project” you would be interested to run by yourselves. We would be happy to discuss it and see how we can help making it a reality.



  • – Please share any positive community action that you take, with @MarkosD in pm (our channel bot blocks most of the links that are shared, to avoid spam).
  • – In case the action is not in English it should be shared with the admin of the relevant telegram community.
  • – Wherever it is possible, provide links – and not screenshots – of the action you have taken (e.g. comment on a post).
  • – The winners are selected by @MarkosD, on a weekly basis (announced on Mondays) and rewards will be distributed on a monthly basis.

We hope that this initiative will be received with enthusiasm and boost the momentum of our growing community!
The timing is not a coincidence, since we aim to leverage the activation and expansion of our community to amplify the effect of what we have planned for the next weeks and months.

So let’s grow together!

Join us on Telegram and talk directly with the team:

Pylon Network – Official Community Group (ENG)

Stay updated – Follow Pylon Network!

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