• 21
    Sep, 2017
  • Entropy Factory Code Audit!

Benicarló, Valencia, Spain 

Today, we are finally in a position to announce the collaboration with Entropy Factory very important aspect of the token sale!

Entropy Factory will offer their solid experience and skilful development team to audit the smart contract code of Pylon-tokens that will offer an additional degree of credibility.

Entropy Factory, an emerging technology laboratory located in a rural village in Castellón called “Les Coves de Vinromá” is presented as a “socio-economic system based on revolutionizing the traditional social and economic models through fair trade, access to a life of quality at a low cost and the decentralization of the population.” And it’s not the first business venture of its founders, but has been launched after their accumulated experience and success in software development for digital payment systems, skills that now can be applied in an independent way to initiatives such as CreativeChain and FairToEarth. They are also behind a large range of successful IT projects, many of them focusing on crypto-currencies and blockchain. 

We are delighted to announce this new today because, being able to offer the highest certainty and credibility has been the most important aspect on this project and its value proposition – from day 1. At the same time, we have the opportunity to work closer with like-minded, experienced professionals and pioneers, with whom we share the same – decentralized – vision regarding the future of our societies and its governance systems.  


For all info, visit: www.pylon-network.org  


 Klenergy is the coordination team behind Pylon Network: a team of European engineers that for the last three years have been developing technologies aiming at empowering sustainable technologies and renewable energy generation. Klenergy is working closely with creative and conscious professionals both in the energy sector and in the blockchain developers’ community.  Pylon Network is already running in simulations and a portion of GoiEner’s customers (energy cooperative from Spain) will participate in the pilot demonstration which is planned to begin on coming October and will be funded by the Pylon-token sale (ICO). 


Read more about Entropy Factory 

ENTROPY FACTORY: http://entropy-factory.com/   


Read more about Pylon Network: 

Website (download White Paper): www.pylon-network.org (English & Spanish) 

Pylon Network Press Releases: http://pylon-network.org/blog  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KlenergyTech  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KlenergyTechOfficial/  

Telegram channel: https://t.me/pylonnetworkofficialtelegram  


Have a question? [email protected] (English & Spanish) 


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