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    Jul, 2018
  • Events for July

June was a month full of events for the team of Pylon Network, during which, we were able once again to present Pylon Network, meet a number of important actors in the energy sector and exchange our views about how the future of our energy systems will look like. The project was presented to a multitude of people from different countries, stepping up the international exposure of the project and expanding it for the first time in an Asian country.

However, the “show must go on” and the team of Pylon Network will – again – attend a number of international events for this month.

The following parts, will take through the action planned for July. Check them out and hope to see you in any (or all) of them!


 “Smart Energy Wales“. Organised by Renewable UK (Cymru).


MARESTON” organised by MARES Madrid.

Idea hackathon with the participation of other projects focusing on sustainable energy and social economy models.

Attendance to event after private invitation. Contact:  [email protected]

16-18 JULY 2018. MALAGA, SPAIN

 “The role of Cities as a motor of change for our energy model

Organised by the Spanish Foundation for Renewable Energy

LINK & Agenda: https://cursosdeverano.unia.es/item/las-ciudades-como-motor-del-cambio-de-modelo-energetico.html

PYLON NETWORK. The revolution will not be centralized.

#Peace #Love and #Renewables


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