Pylon Network is an open-source, P2P energy trading platform designed as a cooperation tool for all players of the energy sector (consumers, prosumers, producers, and all the rest stakeholders of the energy market) , who want to be part of the energy transition. Energy can now be traced and paid for instantaneously by leveraging the transparent, immutable nature of blockchain technology for the benefit and optimization of our energy systems.
The development of a blockchain code designed for the energy sector, with the integration of different technologies from the field of blockchain, (atomic swap, lighting network ..) is what really makes this platform unique. Compared to competitors, Pylon Network addresses the specific (and loud) problems of the energy market as well as those that are blockchain-related – namely, security, scalability and energy/carbon footprint.

In our opinion, the competition fails to deal effectively with these constraints and peculiarities of the energy markets and the blockchain technology. The most typical example (which has recently received a lot of criticism) is the energy consumption associated with Bitcoin- or Ethereum-based algorithms, on which all our competitors rely on, for building green energy platforms – ironically.

  • Energy Traceability – Know -at any moment – where your electricity came from and where your money went to!
  • Hardware Integration – With METRON smart meters installed at the consumer/prosumer level.
  • Unlock the smart grid – Real-time, decentralized energy database.
  • Open Source license – Fast and cooperative development. Flexibility, connectivity, and adaptability.
  • Environmentally friendly algorithm (“Green Mining”) – Decentralized security and trust with the development of a mining algorithm with minimal energy demands and carbon footprint.
  • METRON gives access to Pylon Network – the ability to be part of the P2P energy marketplace.
  • METRON is a smart energy meter integrating Pylon Network’s blockchain algorithm, designed specifically for the needs of the energy sector.
  • In that way, METRON becomes an advanced smart energy meter, integrated with an automated and fee-less digital payment method and able to trace and certify production and consumption of green energy – knowing at any moment where/when your electricity came from.
  • On top of that, it is a “normal”smart meter, in the sense that it offers tips and insights to consumers regarding their energy habits and how to save on energy.


Pylon Coin is used for all P2P energy payments within Pylon Network. The algorithm and each wallet of Pylon Coin runs within METRONs energy smart meters, allowing for automatic, simple and fee-less payments for electricity.

The core blockchain algorithm of Pylon Coin is open-source, which means that it can be integrated to any smart meter, platform or any other IoT energy tool, used or developed by the existing energy market players/stakeholders. Finally, Pylon Coin is a true coin, mined by green energy of federated “prosumers”.


You cannot (for now)! The implementation of PYLNC as a utility coin (used for electricity payments within Pylon Network) will take place during the demonstration stage.

Pyloncoin Core is a SHA3 Keccak C algorithm (certified by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the winner of several cryptographic contests), based on a fork of LiteCoin and a consecutive fork of CREAtivecoin.
Its capabilities and innovations are listed below:

  • Designed for the energy sector and the cooperation of all energy players ( 7,000 tx/sec).
  • Digishield
  • Segwit
  • POC algorithm
  • Lightning Network: (Future integration)
  • Atomic Swaps: (Future integration)

A copy of the first version of PYLNC’s open-source code (release date: 7th February 2018) can be found in GitHub, here: https://github.com/klenergy/pyloncoin

Yes! You can access our demo once you have registered with you email address via our websitehttps://pylon-network.org/#demo


The market implementation strategy for Pylon Network built around energy cooperatives. Starting with our partners, GoiEner – an innovative energy cooperative from the Basque country – we are demonstrating Pylon Network with real customers and within the real energy market!

Through the demonstration stage, our team will test and validate the capabilities of Pylon’s blockchain algorithm in terms of scalability and energy consumption, in a real environment. At the same time, we will develop tools (e.g. instantaneous payments, green energy certification, demand response…) which will utilize the hive intelligence of METRONs spread around the grid, to help energy cooperatives become more competitive players in the energy market.

With the successful completion of the demonstration stage, Pylon Network will expand in two main directions: first, in terms of user-base (through energy cooperatives around Spain and Europe); and second, in terms of partnerships with energy stakeholders regarding the integration of our open-source blockchain code in existing tools and services, used currently in the energy sector.


  • It disrupts but does not destruct.

  • It acts as an additional data layer which attaches to the existing structure of the energy market thanks to its flexibility and open access.

  • It offers a unique combination of full transparency with full security and privacy, based on a multi-layer permission governance model which is flexible enough to adopt to all energy market structures.

  • Open source: inviting all energy market actors to cooperate in this decentralized, transparent and real-time energy database.
We have identified the lack of cooperation in the energy sector as a barrier to the transformation of our energy systems into intelligent, smart ones.  We have identified this problem to all markets that we have analyzed. We see it as an epidemic of the energy markets and we develop Pylon Network for being the cure.

We see open-source software as the ultimate cooperation tool for the digitalization of the energy sector and in full accord with blockchain’s “inherent” values and incentive mechanisms that was originally created to promote.

Open source software (OSS) is crowdsourced and as a result, it has benefits – cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability – that are unsurpassed by proprietary software solutions. OSS also has long-term viability and is always on the cutting-edge of technology. All aforementioned characteristics are things that our energy systems, our environment and our societies desperately need for dealing with the global problem of climate change and the degradation of our natural resources in the most timely manner. OSS as a cooperative tool can play a crucial role towards that direction.
It simply means that Pylon’s core blockchain code (Pylon Coin), designed for the needs of the energy sector, has a non-commercial license. Which, in turn means that the code is free to copy, edit or modify and be integrated to any smart meter or any other energy tool/platform!

You can find the latest version of Pylon Coin’s released code on GitHub, here: https://github.com/klenergy/pyloncoin)