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    Dec, 2019
  • First Version of Official Pylon Wallet is Released

We have been looking forward to this day and it has finally arrived. The first version of the official Pylon wallet is out!
After months of work we are excited to release it and share it with our community!

What are we releasing today?

We have release three desktop wallet versions, for three operational systems: Windows, MacOS and Linux. The download links for all versions can be found in the section below.
We have also created a tutorial, providing information on the installation, an overview of its operation and some advice around security of the wallet. We highly recommend that you read through the document – especially part iii) regarding the security & protection guidelines. The link to the tutorial document can be found in the section below.
Finally, we have opened an online form for reporting any errors you encounter – or improvements you would like to see – in our wallets. The link to the feedback form can be found in the section below.

Resources & Links

1) The wallets can be downloaded here:

2) The tutorial can be found here.

3) The feedback form can be found here.

One important piece of advice

It is important that you dedicate some time to read the tutorial, especially in regards to the security aspects.
It is highly recommended that you export the private keys of any wallet that you create before adding any funds (and that you save them securely). For more information about how to do that, please refer to the tutorial (section 3).

Have fun!

Now you are have all the tools and material to download, test and – responsibly – enjoy the official Pylon wallet. Let us know what you think and remember to offer us your suggestions for improvements and report any errors via the online feedback form.

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