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    Feb, 2020
  • Javier Cervera appointed as chairman of Pylon Network!

Today, we are truly delighted to announce one more addition to the Pylon family, with  Javier Cervera appointed as Pylon Network chairman!

With this addition Pylon team gets stronger, becomes wiser and aims higher! It is with great joy to be welcoming Javier in Pylon Network!

Javier’s Experience

As a professional, in the 15 years that he has been working in the energy sector, Javier has been in contact with electricity clients on a daily basis over a period of 10 years. From his exposure and interaction with final consumers, Javier has learnt a lot about their habits, their needs and how to engage them.

His experience is not only limited to the retail sector, but also extends to a big range of the energy value chain: he has been recognized as the engineer of the year for 2017 and as the vice-president of AEE – the Association of Energy Engineers – he actively participates and sets the discussion around developments in the energy sector, such as the decarbonization of the transport sector, the deployment of local energy communities and collective self-consumption.

Few months ago, we had the chance to interview him, when we announced the beginning of our collaboration on a collective self-consumption pilot (in Valencia, Spain).

In case you missed it, the full interview (English subtitles available):

According to Javier Cervera, “Pylon team is young and they have a clear desire to do something different in the energy sector. The blockchain technology with which they work, faces the future scalability issues to obtain and manage energy data and fits ideally in the newly-opened market of collective self-consumption. I am looking forward to working with them in accelerating the energy transition through the collectivization of energy.

For Gerard Bel, CEO of Pylon Network, “Javier is a true visionary of the energy transition and brings a ton of experience from the corporate energy sector of Spain; his extensive professional network, market insights, as well as his expertise on customer engagement. It is a great pleasure to have him on board and the future becomes even more exciting!”

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