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    Jan, 2018
  • Klenergy HELIOS secures public funding for real-case demonstration in Spain!

Today, we are delighted to announce some very exciting news: one more recognition for Klenergy‘s innovative efforts in the energy sector. This time it is thanks to our first love and passion – our plug-and-play energy storage unit, Klenergy HELIOS!

(For those who are not familiar – in few words: HELIOS is a plug-and-play hydrogen battery which stores excess green electricity in the form of hydrogen. Hydrogen comes from electrolysis, which basically means that you just add water and what comes out is the greenest fuel on Earth!)

The Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) has among its objectives the energy planning in the field of the Valencian Community, in accordance with the guidelines of a number of administrative bodies in Spain and the  European Union.

IVACE offers funding in collaboration with European Investment Bank’s EFSI fund and is targeted at innovative European SMEs, in their respective field.  Klenergy received the funding for the demonstration and development of its  energy storage unit, Klenergy HELIOS after applying in the innovation funding addressed to energy-related projects.

What do these funds mean for the development of Helios, Klenergy and Pylon Network?

It means only good and exciting things!

By securing this capital injection we are able to accelerate the demonstration of Klenergy HELIOS as well as its integration in the development of Pylon Network; and we start…yesterday!

The implementation of the pilot project starts immediately and we are already taking the necessary steps in collaboration with our hydrogen-tech partners and our professional network in order to put things in motion and have a successfully demonstrated by June 2018!

We are pushing with all our power and dedicating all of our time, in order to make this year a “Year of Actions.” With the successful completion of HELIOS’ demonstration by the beginning of next autumn, we will be in a position that we could only dream of: having all our products (Pylon Network, Klenergy Metron and Klenergy Helios) tech-ready for commercial applications! At the same time, all these developments at the current timing open new doors in our future development, which we are currently examining and evaluating in cooperation with our partners and advisors.

What are the next steps?

During the following weeks we will be communicating the steps that we are taking towards the successful demonstration of HELIOS. Already earlier this week, we traveled to Denmark in order to have a meeting where all partners related to the development of Klenergy HELIOS had the chance to spend time together for planning the next steps of the project development.

The meeting took place in the laboratories and hydrogen tech production line of our partners from Denmark, Green Hydrogen.


Green Hydrogen is a hydrogen tech player, which has been developing scale-able and complete systems for electrolysis since 2007. The company has been extremely active in research through collaborations with universities and numerous successful involvements at innovative projects funded by EU and/or the Danish State.

The state-of-the-art hydrogen technology developed by Green Hydrogen, will be integrated in Klenergy’s energy storage unit and the first (pilot) version of the electrolyzer is already being modified for the needs of the demonstration (pilot) project.

During the visit in Green Hydrogen’s offices & labs, we had the chance to get a tour around the premises and talk with various technicians and personnel, responsible for different parts of the technology and its development (market and technical developments). We also exchanged updates on all aspects of the development of Helios – we spent a half a day to finalize all details, the consortium of the project and the project timelines.

Our excitement level is above the roof! We enjoy the recognition for the novelty of Helios – since this is something we have been fighting for a long time now – but at the same time we know that this is only the beginning.

So, let the work (and fun) begin!

We can’t wait for the road ahead. Hope you are also as impatient and excited as we are!

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