To have free access to the data that the current energy system does not offer.

What is METRON?

METRON is the smart energy meter developed by Klenergy, which gives you access to the Pylon Network datalayer. It is based on blockchain technology and integrates its own digital payment method, the Pylon Coin, which allows you to trace / know the origin of your energy – .

What does METRON offer?

  • P2P transactions – traceability of electricity
  • Full transparency and full privacy.
  • Energy efficiency – saving up to 30% of electricity.
  • Instantaneous payment method for green energy. 
  • Full flexibility and adoptability to the needs of any regional/national/international markets.
  • Open-source software to accommodate cooperation between all players and faster product development.

What role does METRON have within the Pylon Network?

The METRON are participants of the Pylon network, which means that all them contribute in the audit of the P2P transactions, creating an electricity and payments transactions database totally decentralized and totally transparent.

METRON models:

We offer three models of Klenergy METRON which allow it to be applicable in all markets and regulations:

  • METRON.One, Smart meter, certified – is a replacement for the existing utility meter.
    • Four Quadrant, 0.2S Class, (10) 100A
    • Tampering Immune
    • Plug & Play Ethernet
    • Real- Time / To database 
  • METRON. Analyzer, Behind the meter – is a behind-the-meter version (in case the meter replacement is not allowed).
    • Four Quadrant, 0.2S Class, (10) 100A
    • Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Harmonics and More
    • Up to 100A
    • Modbus RTU/TCP, JSON & MQTT

  • METRON.Plus , Behind the meter – is a behind-the-meter version (in case the meter replacement is not allowed).
    • Power supply: 90 264 VAC / 50..60 Hz
    •  Inputs: Ph1,Ph2,Ph3,N
    • Voltage measurement inputs : Ph1,Ph2,Ph3,N
    • Topology: 3 phase 3 or 4 wire, single phase, split phase
    • Range: 50..270 Vrms Ph-N / 87..550 Vrms Ph-Ph
    • Frequency: 45..65 Hz