To have free access to the data that the current energy system does not offer.

What is METRON?

Any hardware capable of digitally measuring and recording energy data that integrates with Pylon Network, becomes a METRON. Therefore, a METRON can be any digital meter (utility or not), sub-meter, EV charger, that is able to record energy data on Pylon Network’s blockchain (aka. Neutral Data Hub).

Completed METRON Integrations Up To Date:

Until now, Pylon Network has been successfully integrated with three (3) manufactured meters, available (predominantly) in the EU market. These METRON allow users to install it behind-the-meter (of the utility) and obtain almost real time, dis-aggregated data (in cases that the quality/granularity of the data from the utility meter is not sufficient for the application).

The following three (3) Pylon-Network-ready digital meters are currently available:

  • METRON.One, Smart meter, certified – is a replacement for the existing utility meter (regulations might pose restrictions).
    • Four Quadrant, 0.2S Class, (10) 100A
    • Tampering Immune
    • Plug & Play Ethernet
    • Real- Time / To database
  • METRON. Analyzer, Behind the meter (in case the meter replacement is not allowed).
    • Four Quadrant, 0.2S Class, (10) 100A
    • Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Harmonics and More
    • Up to 100A
    • Modbus RTU/TCP, JSON & MQTT
  • METRON.Plus , Behind the meter (in case the meter replacement is not allowed).
    • Power supply: 90 264 VAC / 50..60 Hz
    •  Inputs: Ph1,Ph2,Ph3,N
    • Voltage measurement inputs : Ph1,Ph2,Ph3,N
    • Topology: 3 phase 3 or 4 wire, single phase, split phase
    • Range: 50..270 Vrms Ph-N / 87..550 Vrms Ph-Ph
    • Frequency: 45..65 Hz

METRON App – Smartphone Application (Free)

The METRON app (available in iOS and Android) is the interface between the consumers and their data. By downloading the free app, consumers are able to access their consumption (or production) data collected from their METRON (utility meter or sub-meter). At the same time, the consumers take their energy data in their hand, and are able to control who has (and who can have) access to their data.

In that way, digitalization of the energy sector can be accelerated, discover new business models and instigate the entry of innovative ESCOs (Energy Service COmpanies) in the energy sector; while effectively dealing with data privacy and security challenges.

The tool is currently available in Spain.