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    Jul, 2018
  • We need you! Help Pylon Network get a FREE Kucoin exchange listing!

KuCoin is organizing a Vote For Your Coin action on telegram, we can let the voice of our community be heard. If we get the most votes we will be awarded with a FREE KuCoin listing and a 30,000 USD marketing package to go with it.

Let’s all get together now and make sure this project gets some well deserved exposure!


KuCoin has a dedicated group of admins and bots to monitor and go through all the collected data. Do not cheat and make sure you follow the rules carefully if you want your vote to count.

1. Do not vote for the same project twice. You can vote for multiple projects but do not repeat the same project, our voting system wont allow that.

2. Don’t spam, remain polite and listen to the admins. Offenders will be banned and votes revoked.


1. If you haven’t done so, make sure you sign-up on KuCoin. https://www.kucoin.com/#/signup?source=telegram_competition
(You need to be registered on KuCoin in order for your vote to count.)

2. Join the competition’s telegram channel:https://t.me/KuCoin_Telegram_Competition

3. Follow the instructions in the pinned post. Most of the voting system is automated so things will be super easy for you.

4. Make sure you READ THE PINNED POST so you know what to expect, you will have to start a private conversation with our voting bot, it will take care of the rest!

Competition starts when voting bot goes live on July 12th 18.00 UTC+8 and run until July 15th 18.00 UTC+8.

5. Fill the fields our bot sends you in the private chat, you will be asked the following:

a. What is Your KuCoin Account Email Address: YouEmailAddress

b. Project Name You Want To Get Listed (spell the name in full, DON’T USE THE TICKER): PylonNetwork

c. What Is Special About This Project, Why Should It Be Listed On The Exchange: (we offer this text as an idea, but feel free to add your personal note about the project)

Pylon Network is a project that tackles a real problem in the energy sector. It is designed as a platform that solves the lack of communication between the different actors of the energy sector, giving them control of their energy data and creating new economic opportunities for the actors / societies that are currently not included in the energy market.

They are currently testing the technology in a real environment, with real users and with demonstrable evidence. They have an open simulation where they record and manage all the energy data from participants, as well as integrations with hardware smart energy devices.

They have created collaborations and partnerships with existing energy stakeholders and integrated their software to existing manufacters with a range of hardware devices. Their progress is well-documented through their social networks and via Pylon Network’s Blog (https://pylon-network.org/blog).

Entering an exchange like Kucoin would give the project the visibility it deserves and the ability to face other blockchain projects in the energy sector, such as PowerLedger or WePower, which stand out mostly because of their marketing resources, rather than the implementation of their technolgoy and development of their platform.

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