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    Oct, 2018
  • New alliance: Mirubee & Klenergy-Tech

One more step toward energy traceability: Mirubee integrates Blockchain technology and Pylon Network open source software in its energy meters.

  • Mirubee; Spanish company founded at 2011 with the aim of facilitating home energy monitoring through its own measurement hardware and a cloud platform, launch a collaboration agreement with Klenergy-Tech and Pylon Network project integrating open source of chain blocks in their energy meters.
  • Collaboration agreement presented will allow users of Mirubee meters to visualize their energy consumption via app, including energy traceability.

What does it mean to store energy consumption and production data in the Pylon blockchain?.

From now on, users´s energy data can be stored in a neutral, decentralized, secure and transparent database. All these characteristics – which the current data management system lacks – unblock lack of communication between energy market different actors, and enable endless possibilities, with a clear objective, to benefit the end user, the consumer.

Pylon software integration means cooperation.

New Energy Model talk about collaboration, transparency and sustainability. It is necessary to open a new scenario of intra and intersectoral collaboration.

Collaboration means that there is a predisposition by energy sector companies to integrate a data management and storage tool – Pylon Network – that unblock currently communication between companies and actors in energy sector, and undertake a new energy scenario according to the premises of the new energy model.

Pylon Network creates a neutral database – without modifying the structure current energy data management system – in which all stakeholders can interact and take advantage, being able to offer energy services to users, such as tariff optimization, investment in renewables, energy traceability, management of origin guarantee.

Sharing this data means energy saving

From Now, user is the owner of their data with the power to decide who to share their information with!

User will be able to share their data with energy service companies.
This is the way they will receive rates or advice to suit them, since they will have the most accurate consumption information available.

Download and try the Metron-Pylon Network App! – IOS version / Android version.


About Mirubee:

Spanish startup founded at the end of 2011 with the aim of facilitating the monitoring of energy in homes through a professional platform. The soul of mirubee is formed by engineers, computer scientists and doctors in artificial intelligence, enthusiasts of their work and happy to improve every day an innovative product.

In the middle of the year 2016 mirubee reached an important milestone: It was merged with the Spanish company Smilics Technologies. Smilics is a specialist in the manufacture of electrical measuring equipment connected to the Internet. In this way, cutting-edge software was combined with unique and innovative hardware.

Mirubee currently works together with Smilics to evolve the technological solution with new features for the platform and new products for the measurement and control of energy.

About Klenergy-Tech:

Klenery is a European team working on the solution for a global problem; the transition of our energy systems and a simultaneous mitigation of global CO2 emissions. We offer innovative products and services to accelerate the implementation of decentralized, sustainable energy systems and we are here to demonstrate their true value for our lives and our evolution.

Stay tuned to follow the developments of Pylon Network and the exciting news coming up!

PYLON NETWORK. The revolution will not be centralized.

#Peace #Love and #Renewables


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