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    Jan, 2018

Happy ReNewable 2018 to all Pyloners!

We wrote this post as a way to communicate our status of our path – a review of what happened in 2017 for Pylon Network and what the future looks like for the development of this project. So, first of all, we wanted to thank everyone who has joined us (from the first moments until now and for the exciting future to come).

It has been an amazing year; we have achieved a lot and we are more motivated than ever to keep working tirelessly. Some of this work has already showed in 2017, while some of it will pay off within the new year.

The experiences from the past year and the momentum we have gathered is what motivates us for making 2018 a year of actions!


– We brought together a great team of partners who align with our vision. The developers from two very experienced teams joined Pylon Network.


– We closed an ICO and raised the necessary funds for the next development stages of the project.

– We created a strong community of people who believe and support our project. https://pylon-network.org/press-release-goiener-joins-pylon-network.html

– We organized meetups and we traveled across Europe to present Pylon Network.

– We traveled to Silicon Valley to discuss with various players of the energy sector of California. https://pylon-network.org/silicon-valley-second-week-summary.html

– We have finalized the alpha version of Pylon Network, ahead of the demo stage. https://pylon-network.org/pylon-network-platform-first-peek-demo-alpha-version.html

– Pylon token became trade-able on Bit-Z exchange. https://pylon-network.org/pylntbtc-hit-bit-z-exchange-22-dec-0900-cet.html

Having just completed the exchanges we are relieved that this milestone is covered. There will be more in the future to expand the accessibility to the token. We are already in talks with more and will be updating you as they are confirmed.

However, covering this milestone, we are relieved because we can focus everything we have on the demonstration stage of Pylon Network development. Of course, we are aware that this complex project requires hard work and efficient cooperation between its members. We have started working already, many times under the radar, to accomplish our future milestones.

The demo project with GoiEner is the primary focus for 2018.


As we recently showed you here, the alpha version of Pylon Network platform is already in operation (see the video review of Pylon alpha version by CryptoTrader’s youtube channel, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7IlTepNI3c)

We have been working closely with GoiEner since the conceptualization of the idea and we are getting back on track by tomorrow morning – after our full recovery from New Year’s eve! The identification and verification of Goiener’s members who will be the first adopters- the consumers that will participate in the demo stage of Pylon Network – is about to be completed.

We have started already the installations of METRONs around Spain. Ten of the identified customers are already participating in the alpha version of Pylon Network.

The demo with GoiEner is a critical milestone. With its completion we will have a commercial version of the first blockchain algorithm developed for the energy sector – a scalable and sustainable algorithm to empower the distributed generation of renewable energy.

We know that this will be the most important achievement and will add the highest value to the project – and exactly for that reason, it is our number one priority.

Pylon Network is a very complex and demanding project on its own. On top of that, we are aiming for maximizing its impact – against time and against competition.

At the same time the true potential of blockchain technology is yet to be materialized and its environmental footprint as well as its scalaility cause a lot of scepticism.

The successful completion of the demo stage of Pylon Network combined with some strategic actions that we have decided upon around communication and marketing, will be the most emphatic answers to all the aspects mentioned.

The following paragraphs explain in short some important and exciting developments that we are lining up for the first months of 2018.



Open access to the Simulation platform: The alpha version of Pylon Network will soon be open. This means that everyone will be able to access it and test the capabilities of the alpha version.

Core release – Open source: Soon after the public access to the alpha version of the platform, we will release the core of the first blockchain algorithm designed for the energy sector. We are proud to say that Pylon Core will be open source and we are planning already on how to accommodate the creation of a community around it. The logic behind this strategic decision is simple – and we apply it at all levels: big problems can only be solved through cooperation.

Launch Pylon New website: A new website is being designed for the post-ICO era of Pylon Network. The website will “renovate” its aesthetics and focus on both technical and communication aspects of our project for effective communication.

Video explanation of Pylon Network model: A release of a video with a graphical explanation of Pylon Network’s operational aspects will be released – again, aiming at a better communication of the project.

Potential collaborations with developers and companies that are aligned with our vision: We are working very hard – and sometimes on the background – in order to expand the reach of Pylon Network through collaborations with strategic stakeholders of the energy sector. We will be announcing updates as we close future agreements.

Presence of the project around Europe. Meetups & “Hackathon”: We are arranging a series of meetups and participations in a series of conferences. We have already informed your about the meetups for January in Geneva and Madrid, while more are being organized in the UK. In parallel, a Hackathon regarding the expansion and operability of Pylon Network will take place with the participation of experienced developers from the blockchain community,

Core release of Pylon Coin: Continuing the open-source mentality of our blockchain algorithm – the first ever to be designed for the energy sector – we will release the core algorithm for testing and feedback by the community and all interested parties. The Pylon Coin algorithm will include the Green Mining operation of Pylon Coin.

For now this is a heads-up on our next steps and the next targets we have set for 2018 – a year of actions. For all these actions, individual announcements will follow in the future.

We wish you once again a most creative, joyful and impact-ful 2018 with lots of love, peace and renewables!

Pylon Network Team 

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