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    Aug, 2019
  • Oriol Rius Joins Pylon Network Advisory Board!

Today, we are delighted to announce the addition of Oriol Rius in our advisory board and the beginning of our collaboration!

Oriol has been helping professionals, teams and companies to integrate the best technologies, methodologies and innovation – and adopt a goal-achievement mindset. “I believe in the purity of dreams and there is nothing better than contributing to make them come true”, he comments. “I am looking forward to this collaboration: helping a young, passionate and truly innovative team by contributing all my knowledge, experience and creativity accumulated in a life of passion & focus on technology & people.

His experience from a vast range of sectors is truly impressive: Oriol has been a programmer (32 years), System administrator (26 years), Network designer (26 years), Hacker (24 years old), Public speaker (20 years), Blogger (18 years), Entrepreneur (18 years), Solution Architect (17 years), Organisation processes (12 years) and Coaching (11 years).

For Pylon Network “working with Oriol, the benefits are crystal clear: through his consulting, mentoring, training, we will absorb all the technical, strategic and tactical tech-expertise to become faster, more flexible and more competitive“.

Oriol is not only a nation-wide, reputable Technology executive with vast experience but, also a natural communicator with a well-developed tech network – this is why we couldn’t be more happy to have him on board!
We can’t wait to build our energy future together!

Oriol, welcome on board!

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