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    Jan, 2020
  • Our 2020 Roadmap is Out!

Today we are happy to publish our updated roadmap for 2020 – the year of Pylon Network!
Our new roadmap has already been published on our website and can be found here.


As you will notice, our roadmap this year does not specify in which quarter each milestone will be delivered and does not include the launch of MainNet. What are the reasons for that?
Doing our self-reflection and criticism of the last year, there were a number of milestones that were delayed. As we have already explained, some of these delays were caused by changes in terms of the priorities of our implementation planning and strategy, while others (like the release of mainnet) were delayed due to (the lack of) market maturity and implementation.
This is the reason why we have decided to follow this approach in regards to the roadmap for this year: as we have always been communicating, our approach since the beginning of the project has been market-driven. Simply put, unless there is a value offered to the energy market, then there is no utility and hence, no impact.


This year will be the year of collective self-consumption and energy communities –  not only for Spain but all of the EU energy markets – and this is where the vast majority of our implementation efforts will be focused.
Having identified this market as an ideal use case of our blockchain technology and Pylon’s neutral energy data hub and with the outcomes and lessons we are collecting from our collective self-consumption pilot we are gaining important insights on the exact potential and value that we can offer to this newly-opened market.
These market validation efforts and their outcomes are the ones that will define the timing for launching the MainNet/PYLNC.
Furthermore, based on the lessons we accumulate, we are also going to validate additional ways of better reflecting this value to the PYLNT holders.
In that direction, we will produce a stream of informative material to explain and communicate these lessons and explain as clearly as possible the value we are delivering and tapping on.
Finally, we will still be pursuing a listing in DEX, after the smart contract patch, which has been compiled since last year. The  listing will be timed according to our strategy, market uptake and community-expansion efforts.


It should be noted that the new roadmap is not exhaustive: we are working tirelessly and in several fronts towards making this project a success by capturing markets, establishing partnerships and developing our technology for offering value to the Spanish and EU energy sector. Many of these efforts come with uncertainties or sensitive/confidential information that we are not in a position to share before all is agreed, confirmed or validated.

Therefore, additions in the roadmap can be expected – however, the current form expresses the certain milestones that will be achieved this year: the year of Pylon Network.

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