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    Feb, 2020
  • Paco Negre Assigned as New CFO of Pylon Network

Our Family Is Growing!

Welcoming a new member in our family, is always something that brings us a lot of joy and a feeling of accomplishment combined with great responsibility. 

However, in this case. the intensity of all of these feelings is multiplied. 

It is with great pleasure to be welcoming our new CFO, Paco Negre in Pylon Network!


Paco Negre – In Profile

Paco is a business strategy and innovation consultant, with a background in chemistry and a long international experience in high-performance companies. Through the past he has worked and specialized in innovation management and financing, M&As, strategic investment, business strategy and management.

Paco’s experience and history has earned him a nation-wide reputation in the business and entrepreneurial scene – and not unfairly: he has had several executive board positions in high-performing (tech) companies, having guided several startups to success as advisor, mentor and business angel, and he has a record of several successful exits from companies as an investor.

For Paco Negre, “it is a true honor to collaborate and actively participate in this exciting project. I see clearly that we are at the right time, in the right place, with the best equipment and with the product that our customers need to be one of the actors in the real change of the energy model.”

According to Gerard Bel, Pylon Network’s CEO: “Paco brings a ton of experience and professional network from his successful path in industry and entrepreneurship. At the same time, our common history goes few years back, since he was one of our first advisors, who helped us and mentored us during our first steps as a startup. Today we are truly delighted to have him fully onboard as our new CFO“.

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