• 31
    Aug, 2017
  • Press Release: Launch of Pylon Network Bounty Program

Today we are launching our bounty program for code check and marketing/promotion.


We will reserve 1% of the total amount of Pylon-tokens sold during the ICO, for the bounty pool. We will be rewarding promotion through Facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk and other online content (blogs, videos, interviews etc.), as well as bounties for possible code bugs of Pylon-token ethereum algorithm.

The code of Pylon-token was published two days ago and can be found here.

If you want to know more about the bounty program, all the rules and specifications, have a look at the Pylon Bounty Program Manual, found in English and Spanish. It is important that this document is fully read and understood before registering on the bounty program.

The registration and bounty claiming processes run through our website. Visit our website to register as a Pylon bounty-hunter and read more about the 3 important steps of the whole process (registration and weekly bounty claims).

Finally, we have opened two telegram channels dedicated to the bounty programs, in English and Spanish:

ENG: https://t.me/pylonbountyprogramEN

ESP: https://t.me/pylonbountyprogramES


Join the conversation if you have questions, ideas or proposals about Pylon Network’s bounty program.

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