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    Jun, 2018
  • Prosumers integration in the P2P Pylon Network platform – DEMO update

Pylon Network is a P2P – OpenSource energy trading platform – designed as a cooperative tool for all stakeholders in the energy sector; it allows to certify, trace and pay for energy instantly, using blockchain technology. In addition, the platform opens a range of possibilities to those active players – consumers, producers, prosumers – who want to be part of the energy market. Now they will be able to offer their distributed assets –  Solar Panel Installations, Storage Systems, etc. – to third party services and obtain access to additional revenue streams by doing so – Video.

The platform is in continuous development; two months ago, the virtual traceability of renewable energy from bilateral contracts – PPA – simulated between producers and consumers participating in the pilot test was published. Today we are pleased to announce the integration of Prosumers and the dynamic payment system. Undoubtedly, it is a great milestone, since these actors are going to play a very important role in the energy market and constitute the pillar of Pylon Network platform.

The energy data stored in the blockchain and displayed in the simulation are acquired using the METRON monitoring device, which can be “born” by integrating Pylon Network’s core software into existing smart devices.

If you are interested to see more, all  you have to do is register on our website and access the DEMO of the Pylon Network platform.

Prosumers and Pyloncoin dynamic payment system integration

In previous posts we explained each one of the screens of the DEMO – Post Launch and Post Traceability Update.

Today we will take you through the latest update, that focuses on: Prosumers and the dynamic payment system.

Starting from the main screen of the Prosumers section (from Menu at the left) there is a list of the users that have both generation and consumption and are connected to the grid.

The last three users of the list have AmpereEnergy batteries – demonstrating that Pylon software can be easily integrated into existing energy hardware and infrastructure.

By clicking on any user from the list, a screen with the user’s information appears, such as: type of installation, power contracted and installed, location. By scrolling down, we find the graph of the consumption profile, production /battery discharge, and grid injection.

Orange represents production of energy, light blue, the consumption and in dark Blue are surpluses injected into the grid that now are rewarded with the Pyloncoin dynamic payment system.

If we continue scrolling down, we will find a graph with the daily balance (energy amount consumed from the grid , injected into the grid and balance). In order to offer a better overview image about the accumulated balances during the last days, weeks, months, you can conveniently adjust the displayed periods by using the following drop-down menu.

Currently, (for the purposes of the demo) the Pyloncoin – kWh conversion used by the dynamic payment system is as follows: if a kWh is purchased from the grid, the equivalence is 1 PYLNC / kWh purchased. On the other hand, if a kWh is injected into the grid, since the purchase price of energy from the producer is around 3 times less than the price charged to the consumer per kWh, the equivalence assigned is 0.37 PYLNC / kWh injected.


Finally, at the bottom of the page, we find the payments history of the user that are recorded in the blockchain: in green the benefits for the sale of injected energy to the grid; and in red the payments for the purchase of energy from the grid.

These were the latest developments in regards to the Pylon Network platform DEMO. The development continues and soon we will include Prosumers in the Mobile App, which is already available in AppStore and GooglePlay.

Stay tuned to follow the developments of Pylon Network and the exciting news coming up!


PYLON NETWORK. The revolution will not be centralized.

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