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    Dec, 2019
  • PYLNT to be listed in Eterbase exchange

We are happy to have agreed terms with Eterbase exchange for a $PYLNT listing, to go live on Friday, December 6th. We have selected Eterbase, as an up-and-coming, ambitious and EU-based exchange which can be a potentially strategic partner that fits ideally with Pylon’s development, target market and operational model.
Being based in EU and fully compliant with EU financial regulations, they are offering a great flexibility for FIAT gateways and business-oriented transactions through their Eterbase Treasury Gateway. Eterbase is uniquely positioned in the blockchain space to bridge this gap between crypto and commercial operations, because of their:
  • Monetary license — via Majestic Omnibank Payment Platform
  • – Corporate, Crypto Friendly Fiat/Sepa accounts
  • Synthetic IBAN accounts on Exchange
  • Direct FIAT pairings of tokens
  • Negative trading fees reducing costs
  • B2B transactions: Enterprises that need to pay projects for their services send a FIAT payment directly to the project’s Corporate IBAN account with the funds showing on the Exchange account


In order to get familiar with the Pylon Network project prior to the listing, Eterbase community will organize an AMA where you’ll be able to ask the Pylon team members all of your questions. The AMA will be held on t.me/eterbaseexchange on Friday, the 6th of December at 13:00 CET and trading will start shortly afterward.


* Deposits open: 05/12/2019 5 PM CET
* AMA Starts: 06/12/2019 1 PM CET
* Trading starts: 06/12/2019 4 PM CET


This is not the end of our listing efforts. As we have explained in the past, we have been in contact with various exchanges and there are still some that we are pursuing as a good fit for Pylon Network. We continue our discussions and – as always – we will officially announce it once everything is in place and we are ready to proceed.
With the wallets and the first listing in place, we are now putting all our focus on the implementation and launch of our MainNet, offering real value to energy communities, consumers, prosumers and the whole value chain of the energy sector! Updated information will be released in the near future.

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