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    Dec, 2017
  • PYLNT/BTC hit on Bit-Z Exchange 22 Dec (09:00 CET)

PYLNT/BTC hit on Bit-Z Exchange 22 Dec ( 09:00 CET )

Dear Pylon Token-holders!

We are delighted to announce a very-much-anticipated update regarding Pylon Token (PYLNT).

BitZ Exchange has confirmed that PYLNT deposit will be opened at 9am CET, on the 22nd December.
The exchange pair will be PYLNT/BTC and the the initial price on the exchange is set at 0.00031342 BTC / PYLNT. When the total deposit of PYLNT on bitz, reaches 20BTC, then the exchange will open – and PYLNT will be free!

Bit-Z links

Web:  https://www.bit-z.com/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitZExchange

Telegram:  https://t.me/bitzEN


Sincerely, Pylon Team.

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