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    Apr, 2018
  • Pylon Network: April’s Highlights

Like every month, the team of Pylon Network team does not rest. And in order to not miss any of the developments of the project, we offer you a flash-back of highlights for April, through our publications.

Enjoy the read!

  • Participation in Events & Conferences:

Once again, we spread the word for Pylon Network, across Europe: Spain, Germany, France and N. Ireland!

Learn more about the events: Event assistance, Event Horizon, Energy Cities, Nirig.

  • DEMO update: Real-time energy tracability- from source to consumption

Very excited to release the real-time energy traceability feature of Pylon Network’s open-source blockchain code, designed for the needs of the energy sector.

Read more: Traceability and payment of renewable energy is now live on Pylon Network’s demo page. – DEMO update

  • Summary of events & conferences in Europe

Interested to know more about what we took home form our Pylon Network journeys?

Have a look at our latest blog post, here: Pylon Network: April’s Highlights

This was a short summary of last months’ activities – hope you enjoyed! The team continues with the development of the code and the platform as part of the demonstration stage and some exciting news are expected to be part of next month’s summary!

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PYLON NETWORK. The revolution will not be centralized.

#Peace #Love and #Renewables

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