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    Sep, 2019
  • Pylon Network Development Status Update – September 2019

Last week we brought to you some updates regarding the smart contract patch for $PYLNT, which has been tested and executed, as well as the initiation of the listing process in DEX (read the full announcement here).
With the applications sent and currently being processed by DEX, we can only wait for hearing news on this topic. However, our team is restless! The next milestones are now underway with the launch of the official Pylon wallet and of course, the well-awaited launch of Pylon MainNet and $PYLNC.
We wanted to update the community of Pylon about the work development and the timeline for both of these milestones.

Official Pylon Wallets

The launch of the smart contract patch for PYLNT, has caused the addition of some necessary changes that need to be carried out to the official wallet of $PYLNT and $PYLNC.
The updates of the Pylon wallets are currently being implemented by our team and we expect to have them completed and ready to launch by next month (October 2019).
The mentioned changes will be reflected on the roadmap of our website.

MainNet & $PYLNC Launch

We know that this is the most anticipated milestone among our community and for us, too. For over a year, the MainNet has been in demo mode (see the Pylon blockchain explorer here) and we have been working on the details and all aspects of its operation as a Neutral Energy Data Hub for the EU energy sector (starting in Spain).
Pylon team has been working on the multiple fronts that are involved towards that target and the complexities that  arise from its implementation in the energy industry.
We are very happy to see an alignment of new regulations in Spain (and all the EU) with the vision of Pylon Network as well as the commercial strategy we have been putting forward since the beginning of the year: empowering the consumers and offering a neutral data hub for energy data in a digitalized energy future.
Taking all the above into consideration, as well as other updates and news that will soon be shared with the public, we have planned the launch of MainNet and $PYLNC for the next quarter of this year (i.e. Q4.2019).
In the following weeks (starting from the current one) we will be sharing with our community and followers some exciting news, which will make more clear the rational of the decision.

So, stay updated & stay engaged with Pylon Network and Pylon team!

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