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    Oct, 2017
  • Pylon Network goes international with demonstration in Freetown Christiania – Denmark! 

The demonstration of Pylon Network will take place – not only in the Spanish grid but also – in the micro-grid of Christiania, the most historic community of modern Denmark, at the heart of Copenhagen. 

Pylon Network will be part of Christiania’s commitment to sustainability through a series of measures taken to reduce the footprint and to optimize the energy management of the community. 

Pylon Network in Denmark: the community of Freetown Christiania

  Today we are proudly announcing a very important agreement with the community of Freetown Christiania, in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Christiania is a historic independent community in the heart of Copenhagen. It was formed back in the 70’s when, a group of activists occupied an abandoned military base in the area of Christianshavn. Until today, the community is still holding its independence spirit being at the same time, a showcase of community governance based on solidarity, based on anti-violence and anti-discrimination principles and showing a true dedication to a sustainable development model 

Last week we had the chance to have a very insightful meeting with the administration of Christiania where, on one hand, we had the chance to learn more on the on-going green transformation efforts and on the other hand, get a better understanding of the energy challenges that the community is facing 

Of course, we presented Pylon Network and explained how it could be applied and offer what it was designed to do: empower communities by building a value system around renewable energy. 


Freetown Christiania: an environmentally conscious community, empowered by Pylon Network 

The technical characteristics of Christiania’s electrical grid make it a perfect sandbox for the demonstration of Pylon Network. 

Christiania’s energy system is practically a snapshot of our vision for the future energy system: independent but still interconnected micro-grids, with local production and local consumption of green electricity. 

Freetown Christiania is powered via a self-owned and self-managed micro-grid with one connection to the national electrical grid of Denmark. The micro-grid includes own-production (PV solar) and own distribution/transmission, which is now being optimized through an on-going smart-metering scheme for the whole community. 


Pylon Network will be implemented in a small number of consumers from the community in order to demonstrate the creation of an internal market aiming at the optimization of energy and associated costs in respect both to the internal operation of the micro-grid, as well as, to its interaction with the national grid (external operation). 

This means that Pylon Network will now be demonstrated on an international level and on two different operational regimes – from an energy system perspectives: 

  1. In Spain, Pylon will be tested within the operation of energy coops and therefore, within the operation of the Spanish electrical grid. 
  1. In Denmark, within the operation of Christiania’s micro-grid with a partial interaction with the national electrical grid. 

This unlocks the incredible opportunity of demonstrating the benefits of Pylon Network across borders and energy markets! We will be able to test models of international collaborations of energy communities, focusing on energy management, shared asset investment & management of green projects, competitive billing schemes and green energy certification. 

We are delighted to be in this position and we cannot wait to start demonstrating the benefits of Pylon Network on an international cooperation level and at the same time, in a historic community in the heart of Denmark’s capital. 

Bevar Christiania! 

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