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    Aug, 2017
  • PYLON NETWORK: Guto Owen is on (advisory) board!

Benicarló, Valencia, Spain 


Today, we are happy to announce a very important addition on Pylon family! Guto Owen will be joining our advisory board offering his invaluable expertise, professional network and long experience on the energy sector, for the successful international implementation and development of Pylon Network. 

Based in Wales, Guto is a highly motivated and experienced energy & environment consultant for public and private sector clients in UK & internationally. He has worked as Government adviser and he is a regular media contributor.  

In recent years he has been focusing on the development, promotion and spread of the no.1 sustainable fuel on Earth – hydrogen is what brought him together with Klenergy in the first place. 


Klenergy is the coordination team behind Pylon Network: a team of European engineers that for the last three years have been developing technologies aiming at empowering sustainable technologies and renewable energy generation. Klenergy is working closely with creative and conscious professionals both in the energy sector and in the blockchain developers’ community.  

Pylon Network is already running in simulations and a portion of GoiEner’s customers will participate in the pilot demonstration which is planned to begin on coming October ’17. (See press release here) 

The technology to achieve our 100% sustainable development vision is out there and it works! Pylon is here to accelerate its implementation and demonstrate the potential value creation that comes with decentralization of energy supply chain, investment-decisions and policies. 

“We see sustainable technologies as a pathway, not only to a greener and less polluted planet, which is still a huge deal, but also as a pathway to a fairer and more democratic society, with equal access to resources and therefore, opportunities.” 


With the addition of Guto, we have the opportunity to work with a like-minded, experienced professional, with whom we share the same vision regarding the future of our energy systems. We are sure that besides his professional experience, his exceptional organizational and communication skills, too will be an important asset being added to our team. 

Guto said : “Klenergy has not only developed a breakthrough storage/generation unit (HELIOS) but also the smart metering and payment system to go with it. Their clean energy products and services are transformational. I can’t wait to provide my support to Klenergy’s inspiring team.” 

Today, we feel stronger and we amplify our impact. 

Guto, welcome to Pylon!

Guto Owen is Director of clean energy consultancy, Ynni Glan, based in Cardiff, Wales. 


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