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    Oct, 2017
  • PYLON NETWORK: Insights from MeetUp#3 – Christiania, Copenhagen.

As part of our promotional efforts, we have set up a series of meet-ups around Spain and Europe. During the MeetUps, we present Pylon Network to people who want to learn more about how we plan to affect our future energy system.

Two weeks ago, we launched our “Tour de MeetUps” with two MeetUps in Madrid (MeetUp #Hackmeeting17 event & MeetUp at THE CUBE). The third one in line, took place in Christiania, Copenhagen.

As always, we had the chance to explain all aspects of Pylon Network and the operational model to empower energy cooperatives and help them increase their competitiveness as players in the energy market.

However, this was a special MeetUp for many reasons; one of the main reasons was that we got the chance to learn more about the energy grid of Christiania, the “energy history” of Christiania’s micro-grid and its current status. Through this journey we had the chance to get a better understanding of the challenges that the community faces at the moment; what measures are being taken and; how Pylon Network can be tested, implemented and incorporated in parallel with the current sustainability initiatives, taken by the community.

The attendees were both from within Christiania but also, people from outside, who were interested to hear more about Pylon Network. The MeetUp begun with a presentation of Pylon Network, which sparked a very interesting conversation, providing important insights on all sides.

We take home those insights and we will be intensifying the engagement with the community in order to clarify the exact form and technicalities of the “sandbox” demonstration of Pylon Network. At the same time we focus a lot in the interaction and communication with a larger stake of the community.

We are very satisfied with the results of this MeetUp. On one hand, we are opening the borders of our demonstration project being able to explore and validate international models of cooperation. On the other hand, it is a challenge but at the same time, a big opportunity to test and validate strategies for changing energy habits at a completely new level of interaction with people and stakeholders.

We are looking forward to the challenge and we are looking forward to demonstrating how we can em-power the community of Christiania!


Peace, love and renewables!

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