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    May, 2018
  • Pylon Network installs the first “Metron” energy meter in Madrid.

The Merchants Association of the San Fernando Market, partner-consumer of the energy cooperative La corriente, joins the Pylon Network pilot test and successfully completes the installation of what is now, the first “Metron” in Madrid, Spain.


At Pylon Network, we are very excited because this device will acquire data on energy consumption in real time from the common facilities of the San Fernando Market. Thanks to Metron and the visualization of their consumption, the building managers will acquire a user experience that will help them detect points of savings and potential improvements, making behavioral changes and adapting – where possible – to the activities and schedules of the market.

The installation of Metron comes as a continuation of several energy efficiency measures that San Fernando market has been implementing in consultation with La Corriente. These actions have been focusing on changing the consumption model by setting up a renewable energy trading cooperative, adjusting the power loads at peak times, and offering the best possible prices, has meant that in this year of actions, the Association of merchants reduced their energy bill by 20% without sacrificing the comfort that this public space requires.

According to Julio Campo, from La Corriente: “The installation of this device” Metron “is not only a further improvement in reducing consumption, CO2 emissions and increased savings, it also means participating in the Pylon Network pilot project integrated into a platform that accounts for and certifies all the energy flows that pass through the analyzer, while integrating its own payment method. ”

La Corriente has communicated that they want to join the frontline of innovation in the energy sector and help into validate all the hypotheses that arise in this novel system of energy exchanges, helping on one hand to reduce the energy consumption of users and on the other hand, to optimize the operability of the cooperative itself. In this way, La Corriente aims to continue empowering communities, producing, consuming and selling renewable energy locally and efficiently.

Finally, it should be noted that during the period we were in Madrid, it coincided with the inauguration of “the Sea of ​​Energy” within the Mares project, where LaCorriente and the Pylon Network project coexist in a close relationship.


So, thank you very much Mares, Cooperativa LaCorriente, and Merchants Association of the San Fernando Market, for trusting in the Pylon Network project!

This is undoubtedly a great opportunity to continue demonstrating that our blockchain technology can help unlock the potential of cooperation, as an open source collaborative algorithm (Open-Source), designed specifically for the needs of the energy sector.





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