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    Oct, 2017
  • Pylon Network – MeetUp #2: Thursday 19 October – at the CUBE, Madrid

Pylon Network was presenting the project at The CUBE,  Madrid. The MeetUp event was organised by Madrid Bitcoin.

As part of our promotional efforts, we have set up a series of meet-ups around Spain. During the MeetUps, we present Pylon Network to people who want to learn more about how we plan to affect our future energy system.

Last week, we launched our “Tour of MeetUps”, with a presentation and a discussion session in the #Hackmeeting17 event in La Ingobernable, Madrid. During the event, we had the chance to explain all aspects of Pylon Network and the operational model to empower energy cooperatives and help them become more competitive players in the energy market.

This week we have been back in Madrid, presenting Pylon Network in a MeetUp organized by the Madrid community of Bitcoin. During the event we explained the Pylon Network operating model, and how these disruptive technologies can help change the current energy model. During the presentation, all the questions and doubts of the audience were answered. At the end, and in a more informal way, we did a bit of networking where we could talk and share opinions with some of the attendees.

It was certainly a success, the viewers were very active and asked very interesting questions. Thanks Eva for the organization, thanks to TheCUBE for providing us the site and thanks to all the attendees.

Link MeetUp (Spanish):

See you at the next MeetUp!



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