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    Dec, 2017
  • Pylon Network to participate in Ateneo de Madrid – Energy & blockchain forum – ICADE, Madrid

–   Pylon Network will participate in a 1-day event about energy & blockchain – organized by the historically progressive idea forum, Ateneo de Madrid.
–   Pylon Network will present together with GoiEner the demonstration application of the platform.
–   They will join a discussion with other innovators and experts who are focusing on the same synergy (energy & blockchain).

On Wednesday 31 January 2018, Pylon Network team will be in two places at the same time – and what places that will be! As announced yesterday, Pylon Network will be a speaker in the European Energy Transition conference in Geneva, among other important players of the energy sector (see press release here)
At the same time, Pylon Network is invited to a discussion about one of the most interesting applications of blockchain technology: the energy sector. The discussion will be organized by Ateneo de Madrid, a historic forum at the centre of Madrid traditionally accommodating pioneering/progressive thinking in the areas of “Science, Literacy and Arts”. The event will be held in ICADE, Madrid.

Blockchain and energy are in focus of this one-day event and covers different aspects and existing applications coming from this marriage. Pylon Network will participate in this very anticipated discussion with very interesting and influential speakers, who include innovators and experts of the field, bringing in various perspectives in a talk about the most influential sector of our our modern societies. Experts on legal – like our advisor, Cristina Carrascosa or Roca Junyent Law Firm; on IT & technology – like EVERIS; on consulting – like UST; and examples of innovative applications – like SolCrypto and the impressive startup Sharge.

See agenda here .

Pylon Network will of course present its vision for the future of our energy system and focus on the first application of the platform in collaboration with our partners, GoiEner – an innovative energy cooperative from the Basque country.
For that reason, our CEO, Gerard Bel and the director of GoiEner, Santi Ochoa de Eribe, will join forces to present and explain how the demonstration stage will be carried out, after the successful closure of Pylon Token sale (ICO) last November. More specifically, the focus will be on the validation points that will be put in test during the implementation of the most innovative blockchain algorithm for the energy sector– the first ever developed for its very specific needs and the first to be powered 100% by renewable electricity.
What are the advantages offered to the operation of an energy cooperative – if they are ready to innovate? What are the limitations and problems faced? What are the possible solutions? How would a decentralized governance model could help into a decentralized (distributed) energy model?
These kind of questions will be the focus of a 20-minute presentation and we know the challenge is big! This is why we are bringing two top guns in the presentation!
We are very excited and honored to be invited as speakers in a discussion about our favorite topics! We are looking forward to an interesting and thought-provoking event. Also, being at two places in the same time..
See you there! And there!

Pylon Network
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