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    Dec, 2017
  • Pylon Network platform – A first peek of the demo (Alpha) version!

Today we are very excited because we are able to offer you a first peek at the development of Pylon Network platform! Today, we are able to show you a snapshot of the future!

We have been dying to give you a small taste of what has been going on, but we were holding ourselves. Until now!
After many months of dedicated, multi-disciplinary and focused work, amplified by the power of collaboration among us and our partners, we are able to share with you some screenshots of the first, fully operational blockchain algorithm for the energy sector!

Based on the security of Proof of Work (PoW) but using the energy-efficient set of rules behind Proof of Cooperation (PoC), the core of Pylon Network will integrate the best of both worlds in a fully autonomous and flexible code, adopted and designed for the particular needs of the energy sector and aiming at integrating  all its players. Combined with our hardware (energy smart meters, Klenergy METRON), that certifies the energy transactions whithin the network, they can offer a transparent and hive-intelligent layer of energy data over the existing (or any future) markets.

Focusing on these principles and prioritizing these functionalities from the beginning of the design stage, is what we have successfully completed at this point. At the same time we are delighted because these are to a large extent our differentiation points amongst competition. On top of that, we are ahead of schedule and we have our code ready for the first implementation during the demonstration stage with members of our partners, GoiEner.

This gives us more time and freedom to test more additions in the toolbox of Pylon Network for the needs of GoiEner – and we are already using this time to our advantage! It also makes us extremely proud for working in this team together with people and partners who have put their effort and legacy in developing the first and only blockchain code designed to promote renewable energy!

We keep walking forward, making progress on all necessary aspects of our development.

For now, you can enjoy some screenshots of the platform’s alpha version. All consumption transactions are recorded on the blockchain. The consumers pay on an daily basis (they are able to pay at any interval they choose or even, pay manually).

Pylon Alpha version (super-admin view)





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