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    Mar, 2019
  • Pylon Network – Takeaways from GENERA energy fair and CTEC congress

During the past two weeks, Pylon Network team has been on the road, attending a number of conferences and meetings all around Spain.

As we had been communicating via our social media channels over the past weeks, Pylon Network team traveled across Spain to attend two important conferences, within a short period of time:

  1. GENERA|Madrid, Spain|FEB 26 – MAR 1|
  2. CTEC|Barcelona, Spain|MAR 6 – MAR 7|

Attending those events was an intense but also, very successful week for Pylon Network – both in terms of raising awareness around the project and also, in terms of performing market validation efforts, as we are entering the commercialization stage of our project.

The following sections will take you through this tough but rewarding week.

GENERA at Feria de Madrid – Madrid, Spain

In few words, an impressive scale and diversity of specializations around the energy sector!

We were welcomed in Madrid with some great sunny weather and the first day started with continuous interesting talks around various important elements of the energy transition (e.g. energy efficiency, legislation at national level, etc.)


The second day started as the first one (spring was all around); however, this was exhibition-day for Pylon Network.

With a lot of action all round the venue and throughout the whole day (meetings, presentations…), we had created our exhibition corner as part of the energy efficiency day organized by IDAE.


The last day for Pylon Network team in GENERA, was the third days during which we had the chance to arrange face-to-face talks with a number of interesting/interested people we met during the first 2 days.

The overall image from GENERA is a very positive one: we are very satisfied for expanding our network, having the chance to exchange ideas and knowledge with important energy stakeholders and validate important aspects of our development and implementation.

Big thank you to the organizers, as well as our new (and old) friends we had the please to meet there. Until next year!

CTEC – Barcelona, Spain

CTEC is an annual congress for the exchange of ideas, technologies and use cases, implemented towards energy transition within urban environments.

Pylon Network was invited to participate in the panel with title: “technical challenges of the energy transition”, during which our CEO, Gerard Bel, had the chance to present the importance of energy data neutrality for the successful energy transition.


During this session with Pep Salas (Founder at smartgrid.cat) and Antonio Serrano (Director of Energy at Siemens) the discussion evolved around the availabilty of energy data, their utility and the current challenges in terms of the available data-sharing infrastructure and its privacy/security challenges in accommodating such.

With Pylon Network’s presentation, we were able to explain to the attendants, how Pylon Network works, how it ensures the neutrality of the data and how it can be used to accelerate the energy transition.

Pylon Network was there both days of the event and it was a really great experience to be part of this vibrant environment and very interesting discussions.


Takeaways and the road ahead

Being part of these two events was undoubtedly a physically and mentally exhausting week, however, it was a full, rewarding week for Pylon Network.

On one hand, we had the chance to interact with many important energy sector stakeholders, as we are entering the commercial stage of our project and update/inform them on our latest developments and future plans. On the other hand, we validated once again, that the unique value that Pylon Network is designed to offer (a neutral energy database for instigating cooperation among energy stakeholders) is being already recognized by the sector.

It fills us with energy when we see that there are so many initiatives – and people behind it – that are working towards a more fair, clean and engaging energy future.

With the end of March being just around the corner, we are getting ready for the second Quarter of 2019, which we are looking forward to.

Stay tuned to follow the developments of Pylon Network and the exciting news coming up – including the updated version of our roadmap and the upcoming events and conferences for Pylon Network!


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