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    Jan, 2020
  • Pylon Network’s 2019 Review & 2020 Outlook

We are entering a new decade. A decade that will require actions and the facilitation of change at multiple levels: throughout the fabrics of our economy, society, industry, our personal habits… We find ourselves at the beginning of this decade full of positive energy, passion & dedication for innovation in the energy sector.

With 2019 behind us, we summed up the most important achievements of past year and what will be coming up in 2020 – the year of Pylon Network!


We are looking back to a truly great year! Undoubtedly, 2019 was a year with a lot of background work and focus on the market implementation strategy of Pylon Network in the Spanish (and EU) market(s).

We engaged with energy stakeholders, we validated the market and we succeeded in identifying a use case with huge market potential: energy communities & collective self-consumption schemes. We closed the year with the announcement of our collective self-consumption pilot in Spain (expected to be the protagonist of 2020, too).

However, collective self consumption was not the only action in 2019.

So here is a list of 2019’s highlights (with links provided)!

Highlights of 2019

1. Interview with Javier Cervera – manager of the self-consumption pilot of Pylon Network [ENG subtitles available] – Oct 2019
2. Explanatory Video: Introduction to collective self-consumption – Dec 2019
3. Opinion Article: The present and future of collective self-consumption in Spain – Oct 2019
4. Opinion Article: Pylon Network’s journey in collective self-consumption – the past & the future – Oct 2019
5. Release: Official PYLNT & PYLNC Wallet – Dec 2019
6. PYLNT Listing: Eterbase exchange listing – Dec 2019
7. Announcement: Partnership with Energisme – Nov 2019
8. Articles in Spanish media: Pylon Network offering energy savings to Spanish consumers and citizens – Nov 2019
9. Webinar [in Spanish]: the self-consumption market and regulatory landscape in Spain – Jun 2019


Conferences, Events & Awards

Throughout all of 2019 Pylon Network has been attending a large number of conferences, events and workshops to expose the project, contact potential customers and partners, expand our professional network and validate the new markets and business models. All the events throughout the year can be found in the monthly summaries of our blog.


1. AMA Session on Eterbase Community – Dec 2019
2. Energy Bit Followup – Nov 2019
3. Energy Bit – Feb 2019

Team Expansion & Advisory Board Additions

Last but not least, 2019 was a year that Pylon family grew larger and grew stronger, at all levels. Our community grew and became more international, with the creation of Portuguese, French, Arab, Balkan and Romanian communities.

Furthermore, we had several additions to our advisory board with Piet Holtrop, Oriol Rius and Belén Gallego adding their top-league expertise from their respective fields.

Finally, we also had the addition of two core members, Andrea and Anderson.

It is a great joy and honor to be sharing our journey with them!




Our main focus over the next year will be on the implementation of Pylon Network as a neutral energy data-hub in more and more projects of collective self-consumption.

With the outcomes and lessons we are collecting from our pilots in collective self-consumption we are gaining important insights on the exact potential and specific value that we can offer to this newly-opened market.

We are looking forward to continuing the exploration of more pilot opportunities on collective self-consumption, with the inclusion of more stakeholders and replicability in other markets.

The market implementation efforts, will be combined with a series of educational material on several aspects of self-consumption and other areas of the energy sector, where Pylon Network’s commercial activities are focused.

Furthermore, we will test some architecture and utility aspects of PYLNT & PYLNC, as we validate the self-consumption market and we analyse the outcomes from our implemented pilots. We will be looking to better reflect the value of the project’s implementation and the use case of collective self-consumption offers several opportunities for doing so.

Stay tuned for this year’s roadmap, which will be soon updated on our website – 2020 here we come!

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