Pylon Token

What is a TOKEN?

In definition of William Mougayar, author of the book ‘The business blockchain’, a TOKEN is “a unit of value that an organization creates to govern its business model and give more power to its users to interact with their products, while facilitating the distribution and sharing of benefits among all its shareholders “

It is a new financing and governance model, which for the Pylon Network project – facilitates operability and streamlines the financing of new renewable energy plants.


The Pylon Token or abbreviated “PYLNT” represents the property of the renewable facilities associated with the Pylon Network project.

Through this form of ownership, the owners of Pylon Tokens receive the dividends generated by the renewable facilities financed. The dividend allocation process will begin at a later stage (after commercialization – end 2018).

New users who want to join the Pylon Network platform, should acquire a small amount of PYLNT, as a membership fee – which they will need to hold for as long as they are in the platform. If at any time they wish to leave the platform, they will be free to decide on if /when they want to sell their PYLNT to new users who want to join Pylon Network.

More information and a fully detailed explanation will follow shortly – during the development of Pylon Network within the Spanish network / market, in collaboration with GoiEner.