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    Oct, 2017

Decentralized self-governance for green energy cooperatives & communities.


  • Pylon-Token ICO offers a complete proposition for the solution of a huge problem: Pylon Network is the first blockchain-based energy trade platform, designed to empower energy production and energy management/optimization at a local level.

  • Pylon-Coin is the most sustainable crypto-currency, built around the most valuable resource of our societies: sustainable energy.

  • It is designed to empower decentralized energy production and communal energy management within the EU electricity market.

  • Pylon-Token sale (ICO) will fund a series of solar PV, energy storage and smart-metering installations within the Spanish electricity grid. This will demonstrate Pylon Network with up to 800 real consumers/members of GoiEner – energy cooperative from the Basque country.


Klenergy – a startup focusing on decentralization technologies for the last 3 years – has developed a new platform for the exchange of renewable energy, on a peer-to-peer basis: Pylon Network.

Pylon Network is a P2P energy exchange platform/marketplace, powered by blockchain technology. It is a self-governed economy built around the true value of renewable energy technologies and designed to accelerate sustainable development in the energy sector.

For the funding of the most ambitious demonstration of such a platform – with solar PV/Energy Storage installations and up to 800 grid-connected consumers of GoiEner (energy cooperative from the Basque country in Spain) – the team has announced the launch of an online, tokenized crowdfunding: Pylon Token Sale.

The Pylon Token Sale launches on 17th Oct 2017 and will last approximately 20 days. During these days, 2,500,000 tokens will be offered to the public and anyone interested is able to buy them using FIAT (USD, EUR), Bitcoin, Ethereum or Faircoin.

The revolutionary concept behind Pylon Token sale is that they represent “shares” of the hardware installations; this means that the revenues generated (from sales of electricity) are distributed to the token holders. This means that Pylon Token has a real value, reflected by a low-risk investment with minimal operational costs and a lifetime of 20+ years.

At the same, Pylon Coin – which is used among users of Pylon Network, to perform instantaneous payments for all energy transactions (peer-to-peer) – is the most sustainable crypto-currency: Pylon Coin is “mined” using excess generation of sustainable energy that is not rewarded by the existing energy markets. And this is where the real value of Pylon Coin, lies.

Have a look at this video presentation, where the COO of Klenergy, Markos Romanos, explains Pylon Network in front of the judges and crowd of South Summit 17 competition:


Pylon Network offers the most complete business model built around the resonance between blockchain and green energy technologies. At the same time, it offers a feasible and realistic implementation plan, within the EU market and with a huge potential impact for the economy, the society and our governance systems.

As Klenergy CEO, Gerard Bel, says: “Pylon Network is an ambitious, still feasible project and we are here to demonstrate it within the Spanish energy market. This will be the first implementation of blockchain technology in the energy sector, on such a large scale. With the successful completion of the pilot stage, we will be able to replicate this  model to other EU markets that we are already exploring.”





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