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    Sep, 2017
  • PYLON TOKEN SALE UPDATE: Payments with FIAT currencies are now open!

Payments through FIAT currencies (Euro & US Dollar) have just gone live in our website!

You can access the FIAT payment process by going to our homepage, www.pylon-network.org and clicking on “PARTICIPATE IN PRE-SALE”. All information regarding the process can be found there.

If you are planning to purchase your Pylon Tokens through EUR or USD, you can  set the bank transfer order now, through our website (see important info below), in order for the transfer to occur on  Monday 25 Sep – the first day of the pre-sale.


When paying with FIAT, your Pylon Token purchase is verified once the money transfer is finalized (the money arrives in Pylon Network’s account). This means that if you set the purchase order today (NOW!) you will be able to purchase your tokens on the first day of the pre-sale (Monday 25 September).

Most banks are able to transfer the money by Monday, if the transfer order is set on Friday (today) before 7 p.m. CET. However, you are asked to ensure whether that is possible by contacting your personal bank branch.

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  1. Светлана says:

    For ETH will be sold tokens? Through Myetherwallet?

    1. Eugenio Moliner says:

      Yes, people would buy Tokens using FIAT, ETH, FAIR, BTC.

      I invite you to join us on Telegram and be up to date : https://t.me/pylonnetworkofficialtelegram

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