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    Mar, 2021
  • Revealing the new identity of Pylon Network

Today, we are officially revealing the new branding identity of PYLON, which reflects not only a new chapter in our journey, but also our principles and vision for the future of the energy system.

So without further ado, we present to you our fresh looks!


The PYLON logo

PYLON symbol and new corporate colors


Our new identity represents the simplicity, innovation and transparency that represent the values that we apply in our everyday work and the change we want to bring in the energy sector. It also represents our “electric” drive and passion in “seeing energy differently“…

The updated identity of PYLON comes in a time of a new and exciting chapter, not only for the project and its market implementation efforts, but also for the energy market and the long-awaited energy transition process.

Renovation In Progress

Like all renovations, there will be a period of adaptation in our communication channels.

Over the next days / weeks we will be updating all our logos and branding material in our communication channels (social media, Telegram communities, external info-pages).

At the same time, we are re-designing our website, which will be ready to launch around the beginning of April.

Last but not least (at all!), as we have announced since the beginning of the year, the Pylon.COMMUNITY portal will be launched, accommodating the energy communities and citizens that are (or want to become) part of Pylon’s digital ecosystem.

More new coming soon!

Stay tuned. Stay connected. Share the energy.

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