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    Feb, 2020
  • Review of January – Outlook of February 2020

The first month of the year is behind us and like everything month, we offer a summary of the past 30 days, together with an outlook of the next 30 days (29 to be precise)!

Therefore, this post will offer you a summary of Pylon Network’s developments over January 2020 – and what to expect for February.

Enjoy the read!


  • Updated roadmap

Starting the year with fully charged batteries, a lot of optimism and refreshed perspective, we released our roadmap for 2020 – the year of Pylon Network!
We believe that the roadmap this year reflects more accurately our market approach and our commercialization efforts. Seeing the amount of interest in the newly-created market of collective self-consumption and having this validated use case (and offered value) for Pylon Network, a good chunk of our efforts will be focused there.
To find out all the details about our outlook for 2020, you can read our blog post in full here (and in our Medium channel, here).
  • Educational videos on collective self-consumption

With our focus for this year being in the market of collective self-consumption and with a lot of action expected at many fronts (financial, legal, administrative, technical), we have launched a series of videos in order to explain various interesting aspects of this new market, what possibilities we see in it, and what value can Pylon Network offer in terms of the dimensioning, operation and management of energy communities in a digitalized era.
This is why we have created our dedicated playlist – here – with all our videos on the topic of collective self-consumption.

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  • New tariffs and a lot of regulatory action by Spanish government (Climate Emergency)

During January, the Spanish energy market offered us a couple of good developments coming from the regulatory space.
First of all, delivering on its election promises, the newly-formed Spanish government declared a state of climate emergency for Spain (following the examples of Scotland, Wales, UK, Portugal and France). Besides the symbolic reflection of the action, it comes together with a package of legislation aimed to mitigate climate change. prior to ultimately entering a state of emergency.
Furthermore, less than two weeks ago, the Spanish regulatory body, CNMC, published the new regulation regarding consumers’ tariff restructuring, introducing a different cost structure of the prices that all electricity consumers are receiving. The regulation also introduces cost structuring changes in the calculation of the distribution & transportation tariffs. All electricity suppliers (and the rest of the related stakeholders) need to have adopted all their offered tariffs as well as their billing processes, by Nov 2020.

  • Presentation at CMES, Barcelona

Our CEO, Gerard Bel, participated in a presentation meetup at the CMES event in Barcelona, where he had the chance to go through the journey of Pylon Network, our achievements

  • Interview in TDC

The online media outlet “The Daily Chain” had an exclusive interview with our CCO, Markos Romanos and they covered a number of topics: the potential of blockchain for the energy sector, the achievements Pylon Network up-to-date and our plans for 2020- the year of Pylon Network!
You can read the full interview, here.


  • GENERA International Trade

One of the biggest trade fairs in Spain is taking place early this month, in Madrid. GENERA International fair, organized by IFEMA, brings together all energy & environment professionals from 5-7 of February into a commercial contact platform for knowledge-sharing of all market trends, innovations and technologies that come marking the evolution of the industrial sector of renewable energies, distribution, energy efficiency and its main applications: such as storage, self-consumption and mobility.
The contents of GENERA will also reflect the market response to the new regulatory framework that places the citizen at the center of the energy model; special attention will be paid to the issues of self-consumption, so that it can combine savings, sustainability and efficiency benefits for both the end user and the industrial sector.
Like last year – and with the interest on self-consumption at all time highs – the Pylon Network team will – of course – be there!
We are looking to engage with any organization that is looking to increase their engagement with electricity end-consumers, while navigating in undiscovered waters of energy digitalization.
In case you find yourself in GENERA and would like to have a chat, drop us a message via our communication channels (see bottom of post).

  • Informative content on the topic of the new consumers’ tariffs

With the new tariffs, freshly introduces in the Spanish energy market by CNMC, we are – once again – in front of a changing landscape in the electricity sector. Like every change, it creates opportunities but also challenges. At the same time it is a very interesting topic, since the new tariffs are intended to pass price signals of the wholesale market to the retail market (the consumers) for the first time. This can be a great opportunity for improving consumers’ engagement with the energy sector.

  • Video series on collective self-consumption: our third video is coming out!

Our third explanatory video on the topic of collective self-consumption will be coming out, during the first half of this month. This video will dig a bit deeper in the utilization of Pylon’s Neutral Energy Data Hub, including a demonstration.
To not miss it, make sure you subscribe in our YouTube channel (or follow us via our social media channels – see below).

  • Lots of background activity and a good announcement for $PYLNT

Everyone at Pylon Network has begun the year with a lot of excitement and ambition, but also dedication and appetite for hard work. We are working tirelessly to make this project more innovative and more successful, according to our strategy and growth path.
We have begun the year with a lot of work and planning lots of exciting things to come – at the correct timing. This month we are going to make an announcement which will signify the initiation of our efforts in regards to $PYLNT for this year.

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