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    Aug, 2020
  • A Review of Pylon Network Progress & Milestones for 2020

Even though it is hard to believe, we are past the half of this – admittedly – surreal and disrupting year!

Nonetheless, at Pylon Network we keep moving forward and the remaining part is equally (if not, more) exciting than the first one.

In the following lines you will find a review of Pylon Network’s progress until now and our milestones until the end of 2020.

Summary of Progress in 2020

1. Updated Roadmap

We launched 2020 with a refreshed outlook and a clear strategy for the growth and development of Pylon Network.
We published our updated roadmap for 2020, which provided the blueprints of our path for this year, driven by the outcomes from our market validation and commercialization efforts that have been carried out over the past year.

The space of collective self-consumption and energy communities is where our implementation efforts are focused.
The roadmap can be found on our website, here.

2. Team Additions

A growing team is a healthy team and we had the joy of welcoming two prestigious members in our family; Paco Negre and Javier Cervera.

Paco is a business strategy and innovation consultant with a nation-wide reputation in the business and entrepreneurial scene.
Javier brings a ton of experience from the corporate energy sector of Spain; his extensive professional network, market insights, as well as his expertise on customer engagement.

It is a great pleasure to have them both on board making the future of Pylon Network – even – brighter!
Read more about Paco’s & Javier’s background in our past articles: here (Paco) and here (Javier).

3. IDEX listing

At the end of Q1.2020 we announced the listing of $PYLNT in its first decentralized exchange, following the necessary smart contract patch that was carried out earlier (see here).

Read the full announcement here.

4. AMA for Pylon Community

This was the first ever AMA session organized by the Pylon team in live video, offering a great way for the team to explain all aspects of the project and its development, and for the participants to get to know and engage directly with the team and each other.

This AMA session was addressed to the community of Pylon (aka. Pyloners) and was great pleasure for all the team (and we think, the participants too!).
You can find a more detailed summary of our AMA session here.

5. Updated Tokenomics announcement

Among the highlights of the Pylon Community AMA, was the pre-announcement of the updated tokenomics of Pylon Network. Few weeks later, we published an extensive description of the additions/changes that are brought in Pylon Network’s infrastructure/ecosystem and their relations to Pylon Network’s assets: $PYLNT and $PYLNC.

The highlights were summarized in a video by our CCO, Markos Romanos, which was shared in our Telegram community channel. You can watch it here.
Furthermore, an extensive description of the updated tokenomics can be found here.

6. Open AMA Session

Following the announcement of the updated tokenomics, Pylon team organized a second AMA session on live video.
Once again, our team had the chance to explain aspects of the past, present and future of the project by answering questions that had been gathered over the past weeks from our community.

Check out the full video from the AMA session, below:

7. Webinar on Efficient Municipalities in Spain— Sponsored by PylonData

More than 1,300 people from the public and private sectors registered for the webinar on efficient and renewable municipalities sponsored by PylonData.

The webinar brought together highly skilled and recognized speakers, each driving the energy transition at a local level, together with citizens and consumers:
Joan Herrera (Mun. El Prat), Carme Garcia (Mun. Barcelona), Marta Morera (Mun. Rubí), Susana Laredo (Mun. El Prat) and Joaquín P. Mas Belso (Director of Enercoop) explained the initiatives that their administrations and organizations are putting in place to be more efficient, fight energy poverty and become greener (turn to renewables).

We made a video summary of the webinar (6 minutes), with the highlights from each speaker (English subtitles available) — check it out!

Outlook of 2020

1. Updated Token Paper

Following the released updated tokenomics of Pylon Network, a new version of our Token Paper will be released. The Token Paper v2.0 will reflect all the announced changes and include them in the full version of the Token Paper.

2. ICO Investors Reward Program

As already announced in our updated tokenomics release, we have launched the $PYLNT reward program, which addresses to the first believers of the project: our ICO investors.
The enrollment process has been open and running over the past month and will be finalized on 14 Aug 2020.

We will soon release a document to summarize the outcomes (process, participation and next steps) from the reward program enrollment. The document will be publicly available and will be distributed via our community and our digital communication channels.

3. Announcing first energy community scheme

As per our roadmap (see here), a very important and strategic milestone for the deployment of Pylon Network’s technology will be achieved: the first commercial operation of an energy community (i.e. collective self-consumption installation) utilizing Pylon’s technology, will be announced. In this way, Pylon Network will strongly signify the commitment in bottoms-up empowerment and innovation.

4. Leveraging our existing customer network

Being established players in the digitization of the Spanish energy market, combined with a strong and strategic focus on local communities, Pylon Network has managed to be positioned as a pioneer in the space. This position was further solidified with the great response and attendance on our webinar (see above).

This advantageous position will be leveraged into more partnerships, pilots and commercial opportunities in the future – with some of those results being revealed over the next months.

5. Webinar on Collective Self-Consumption and Consumer Engagement

Following the great success of our first webinar, which was sponsored by PylonData, we will be repeating the same, successful recipe, but this time for another hot topic: Collective Self-Consumption and Customer Engagement.

We are currently working behind the scenes on several of these fronts and more information will be released in the future.

6. Federated Nodes Whitelist

As we have announced via the tokenomics update, earlier this year, we will release all the details regarding the expression of interest for becoming a Federated Node of Pylon Network, followed by the launch of the Nodes Whitelist, shortly after.

More information will follow.

7. Launching Mainnet / PYLNC

Last but – definitely – not least! Signifying the genesis of Pylon Network’s Neutral Energy Data Hub and its ecosystem of digital services, MainNet will be launched. The operation of our MainNet will be accompanied by the launch of $PYLNC preparing the ground for its scaleup, while performing a number of tests on the use case of PYLNC in real environment, focused on consumers’ data ownership and privacy empowerment.

Where we will start testing the use cases of pylon coins in real environment , and define a bit the use case, based on data ownership and privacy empowering the end consumers.

More information will be coming your way as its release approaches.

8. New AMA sessions

In order to help our community & followers stay up-to-date with the progress of the project and make sure all aspects of the new developments are crystal clear, Pylon team will organize two AMA sessions at the end of the month.

As we recently announced, the first one will take place on Friday 21st Aug, at 15.00 CEST and will be accommodated by the Blockcircle community. The second one will take place approximately one week after, which will also be accommodated by another crypto community and will soon be confirmed and announced.

And one more thing…

At Pylon Network we are constantly working towards our goals, pushing forward the digitization of the energy sector for the empowerment of consumers and local communities.
We are working tirelessly for achieving these goals and everyone at Pylon team is filled with excitement for what the future will bring.
#PylonNetwork   #AlwaysForward   #AlwaysOn

Stay tuned. Stay connected. Stay updated.

Join us on Telegram and talk directly to the team!

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