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    Sep, 2019
  • Smart contract patch for $PYLNT is ready!

We are happy to bring some exciting updates to the Pylon Network community (aka. Pyloners!)
As we had announced earlier, our dev team has been working on a solution regarding the development of a patch to the smart contract of $PYLNT, which would make it compatible with ERC-20 standards and hence, eligible for being listed on decentralized exchanges (DEX).
Today, we are happy to announce that after the necessary tests and modifications the patch is ready and we would like to inform you on what is coming up with the completion of this development.

The Next Steps

The patch has been executed and will soon be available.  In the following days we will provide more information on how the patch works in relation to the previous smart contract. However, we are proud to say that we have come up with a solution that ensures minimum disruption and complication for $PYLNT holders.
In regards to the listing process we have already begun the applications to DEXs according to the preferences of our community members and the compatibility of the processes with our development plans and strategy.

The Expected Evaluation Period

The expected period of evaluation for the listing application is two (2) weeks. During this period DEX will evaluate the token and – overall – the project for being accepted and eventually listed.

What can the community do?

Even though the main thing to do now is wait, we need to show the engagement of our community. To do this we will need the help of everyone: be active, engage in conversations and talk about the project in telegram groups, social media and other public forums.

So… Stay updated – Stay engaged: Follow Pylon Network!

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