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    Dec, 2017
  • Summary of December for Pylon Network

  • December was a very busy month for Pylon Network team and it was definitely a good one. What did we achieve during the last 30 days of 2017 ?

December is over – but also 2017 is over. Looking back to the last month and reflecting on our achievements until now, we think it was the best ending for the last year. It has been quite a year!

We have come a long way since we started pursuing our dream of shaping our energy future. We are proud to say that his year we hit a peak of new ideas, creativity, collaborations and impact! It was the year that we prepared exactly for the latter: IMPACT! And if 2017 was the year that we prepared for impact, 2018 will be the beginning of it.

We can say that with confidence. Confidence that keeps growing every day we work on this project and succeed in the expansion of its reach and potential.

The last month was a good injection of such confidence, which came from a range of sources; the highlights of December are summarized below:

1) Trip to Silicon Valley. Life-lessons and energy-lessons!

Important lessons learnt about the operation of the CA energy market, spoke with all major players – including the CAlifornia Independent System Operator (CAISO). We attracted a lot of interest and expanded our network with some contact that are already creating opportunities for  Pylon Network. You can read the summary of our two weeks in California here (Week 1 & Week 2).

2) Crypto-Santa is coming to town! Pylon Token starts trading: PYLNT/BTC pair on Bit-Z Exchange.

Crypto-Santa exists and appeared on Bit-Z this Christmas – filled up with Pylon Tokens in his bag! Pylon Token ($PYLNT) started as an exchange pair with Bitcoin ($BTC) and started trading at 10AM CET yesterday (25 December), at an initial price of 0.00031342 BTC/PYLNT.

3) Being the one who develops the first blockchain for energy applications, feels good! And yes, we are showing off!

The day before hitting the exchanges, we had offered a sneak peek of the operational alpha version of Pylon Network platform (see press release here) and thanks to the critical and comprehensive YouTube video made by CryptoTrader https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLgRLWI7sys, we presented the basic operations of Pylon Network as our demo stage of development gets ready for implementation.

We are proud to flash-show to the World the first operational blockchain algorithm developed for the energy sector and we are looking forward to the near future, when we will have more developments and we will be able to announce them.

4) Interest for Pylon Network keeps growing. Introductory talks with E-On Accelerator (DK), Accelerace (DK) and GridVC (FIN).

EOn: Accelerator with E-On (multinational power utility) in Copenhagen department – 3 month program – focusing on demonstration of innovative technologies for the energy sector. More info, here.

Grid VC: Early investors, focusing on disruptive energy startups. Offer help to startups during the growth stage. They expressed a very high mutual interest and we have agreed to keep in touch during the demo project in Spain which is our current top priority. More info, here.

Accelerace: Introductory talk about the suitability of Pylon Network in Accelerace’s programs and common exploration of potential synergies and feasibility of applications within the Danish energy market. More info, here.

5) Debating on a European level! Participation in Ateneo (ESP) and European Smart Cities (CH) conferences.

On 31 January, Pylon Network will be in 2 places at the same time, presenting Pylon Network to high-stakes conferences and participating in influential discussions about the future of our energy systems. In mid-December, we announced our participation in Ateneo de Madrid talks (Title: Blockchain in the Energy Sector – The potential and examples from practice) and in Geneva conference, in Switzerland, organized by EU Smart Cities (Title: Cooperation – the key to success).

You can read all details in our blog posts.

About Ateneo, here and about Smart Cities, here.

We hope you enjoy the read and that you are as excited as we are, regarding the future of this amazing project!

Until next month and next year, remember:

  #Peace, #Love & #Renewables!

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