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    Nov, 2019
  • Summary of October & Outlook of November 2019

One more month is behind us – and what a month this was! Filled with events, conferences and very exciting announcements. The next month is expected to be equally (if not more) exciting.

In the following lines, you will find the highlights of the past month and what to expect for the month ahead.

Enjoy the read!


The first collective self-consumption installation of Spain – powered by Pylon Network [VID.]

We started the month by announcing some very exciting news. After many months of work, interactions with energy stakeholders, market analysis and validation we announced our participation of Pylon Network in the first collective self-consumption scheme in Spain!

A first taste of the installation and what collective self-consumption means, is available in this video [ENG subtitles available], in which the manager of the project, Javier Cervera, is explaining more about it during an interview with the Valencian TV station A-Punt.


Interview with Javier Cervera [VID.]

Since we also had our own questions to ask, we paid a visit to Javier Cervera and we did exactly that! We asked nine questions, regarding the increased interest in collective self-consumption installations, the future of the sector and – of course – the role and value of Pylon Network in the first collective self-consumption demonstration in Spain.

We received nine (very interesting) answers – check out the interview in our latest video [ENG subtitles available].



Opinion: the present (and future) of collective self-consumption in Spain

Collective self-consumption is arguably the hottest topic in the Spanish energy market now. And for a reason.  This is why we did not limit to the above, but we also wrote an opinion article to express our perspective on the matter, which was also reposted by recognized Spanish media (Energias Renovables & El Periodico de la Energia)


International Conference of Energy Communities – Lisbon

The International Conference of Energy Communities took place in Lisbon, Portugal. The timing was not a coincidence, since Portugal was one of the EU countries that recently introduced a legislation for energy communities and collective self-consumption.

Pylon Network was invited to present what are the lessons learnt and progress made from/in the Spanish market and we had the chance to demonstrate our work in relation to energy communities.


Presentation in Plug & Play Europe Event – Berlin

Pylon Network was pre-selected to join the Deep Dive Session organized by Plug and Play Europe in Berlin, to present our innovative energy solutions.




Foro Solar Conference – Madrid

The sixth version of Foro Solar in Madrid was a 2-day event which attracted more than 700 attendees from the solar energy market and sector. Representatives from the whole range of the supply chain – professionals, academics, politicians, citizen organizations – were present, making Foro Solar THE place to be for anything related to solar energy technologies.


Particularly popular were the panel discussions focusing on collective self-consumption, which once again attracted a high level of interest by stakeholders who are considering of entering this newly-opened area.


Even though, Pylon Network did not present or participate in any of the session, there still was a mark left. Our advisor – legal expert, Piet Holtrop – participated in a discussion focusing on the potential of PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) as a financing tool for instigating self-consumption.



WeekINN Conference – San Sebastian

Organized by the Council of Economic Impulse of San Sebastian, Pylon Network presented in the “Blockchain applications in practice” session (see full agenda here)

The presentation focused on the identification of commercial opportunities in the energy sector and how Pylon Network utilizes blockchain to create a consumer-centered energy market.



IoT World Congress – Barcelona

Pylon Network was invited by Energisme: a company specialized on IoT applications and data platforms for the energy sector, based in France and with a presence also in Italy and Spain.

It was great to share the exhibition space with a company that is sharing the same vision for the digitalization of the energy sector and offers top-quality digital services to their customers. During the event, we had the chance to make a presentation of the energy services offered in Spain.


Partnership with Energisme

The IoT World Congress is over and looking back, it was a great opportunity, which offered us exposure, new contacts, new potential channels and provided a very good opportunity to showcase our technology. However the most important achievement of the event was the partnership with Energisme – which was officially announced during our common presentation on Wednesday 30th October.


The partnership will see the two companies working closer in terms of technical development, as well as joint commercial activities for customer acquisition in EU.



ACOCEX Conference – Nov 14, Madrid.

The Spanish Association of Foreign Trade Professionals ACOCEX organizes its fifth edition of the Forum of internationalization strategies together with INFEBEX.

This edition is oriented to know and identify the technologies that will be – or are already – applied in different areas of foreign trade.


Pylon Network will be present and presenting. More info can be found here and will be communicated through our social media – and other channels – on the day of the event.

The Unconference – Nov 14, Madrid.

Unconferences are a series of conferences built around an extensive network of professional partners, focused on fintech.

The objective of all UnConferences is to build collaborative ecosystems among the prominent players of the sector and promote collaborations through a specialized professional network.

Full details about the event (including agenda and registration) can be found here.

Partnership with Energisme – Explained

Our new partnership with Energisme will create a mutually beneficial relationship which, can increase the innovation potential of both parties, within the EU energy sector.

Over the following days, we are going to explain this synergy in more detail.

PYLNT Listing

If you have been following Pylon Network’s Telegram community, you already know that we have been in contact with several exchanges for adding $PYLNT in a new exchange.

The wait will end this month, when we will officially announce the name of the exchange, along with the important dates and related info.

This action will come after the update of PYLNT smart contract (patch), last month.


Stay updated.

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