User manual to create MyEtherWallet account and configure your Pylon Tokens ($PYLNT)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Create New Account
    1. Go to MyEtherWallet
    2. Create New Wallet
    3. Create Password
    4. Save “Keystore File”
    5. Save “Private Key”
  3. How do I see my PYLON Tokens?

1. Introduction

MyEtherWallet is a free open-source tool for securely interacting with the Ethereum network.

The following instructions will guide you step by step through setting up a MyEtherWallet. Nonetheless, we strongly recommend that users conduct their own research into the wallet setup process.

We make no representations or warranties that the following material is complete or accurate, nor that the MyEtherWallet (or any associated software or services) will be reliable or function as described. As such, users assume all risks associated with the use of MyEtherWallet (or any other ERC20 wallet)


2. Create a New Account

If you need to open an account in MyEtherWallet, please follow these instructions:

2.1 Go to MyEtherWallet

Open MyEtherWallet website using the URL using a computer you trust and accessing the site using HTTPS address. Then select the language you want.

2.2 Create new wallet

The website should open like this, if you don’t see this page, click on the “New Wallet” tab.

2.3 Create password

It is essential that you do not forget your password.

Make sure you create a secure password.

Click on the “Create New Wallet” button.

2.4 Save Your Keystore File

Follow the instructions to save your keystore file.

This file is required every time you want to access your account using the option, Keystore File + Password. (Recommended)

Please note that in order to access your account you must have both the KEYSTORE file and your PASSWORD created in the previous step.

If you lose any of these two you will have to resort to unlocking the wallet using the Private Key, which we indicate below how to obtain it.


2.5 Save “Private Key”

After saving the KEYSTORE FILE press the I understand.Continue button.


The following image will appear, with the Private Key, that you can keep it in paper format by clicking on Print Paper Wallet (PDF) or by writing it down on a piece of paper. (We recommend doing both options)

This would be the PDF format that appears when you click on Print Paper Wallet.



3. How do I see my PYLON Tokens?

Go to the “View Wallet Info” tab.

Unlock your account and click on “Add Custom Token”:


  • In the “Address” field fill the PYLON TOKEN smart contract address, which is indicated below: 0x7703c35cffdc5cda8d27aa3df2f9ba6964544b6e
  • In the “Token Symbol” field fill “PYLNT”.
  • In the “Decimals” field fill “18”.
  • Click “Save”.

Finally, click “Show All Tokens” to see all the PYLON Tokens you own.

Process completed successfully.