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During recent years, we have managed to make some steps towards a more sustainable future and we have made climate change a central perspective point in our decision-making. However, we still see so many antitheses between words, visions, roadmaps, hopes - and actions.

The liberalisation of electricity markets did not result in the creation of a truly competitive market, since pre-liberalisation positions are substantially intact. In addition, due to inefficient governance and decision-making, combined with high lobbying efforts, the climate change remains a problem of critical importance, while the rate of RES implementation meets legislative barriers.


Pylon Network is structured with only one purpose: to create the first open, renewable energy exchange community, which will provide the energy markets with the signals and financial incentives that current energy policies and governance systems, are failing, or delaying to provide.

Users of Pylon can exchange green energy, bought directly from the RES producer and without need for intervention of intermediaries throughout the process, while Pylon-coin is utilized to reward the production of sustainable energy and financially support projects on sustainable technologies.

The technology to achieve our 100% sustainable development vision is out there and it works!

Pylon Network is here to accelerate its implementation.


Pylon Network is a decentralized platform promoting decentralized energy technologies. Its operation is based on blockchain technology which gives the room for creation of trust mechanisms and data management at a decentralized scale.

By integrating our blockchain smart meter, Klenergy Metron, in the operation of Pylon Network and assigning them the role of validating all energy and currency transactions within the platform, it is possible to:

  • Reward the production of green energy and,
  • connect grid-connected players (producers, consumers & prosumers) with stand-alone RES2 installations.
Satellite Products & Services Integrated in the Pylon Network


METRON is the only blockchain-based, plug-and-play, energy monitoring system. It is designed to give meaningful insights of the users energy consumption while offering them a tool for “energy training”, to become energy efficient and smart consumers.

METRONs are used as verification nodes within Pylon Network for the direct exchange of energy and payments.



The flagship of our products is our hydrogen, CHP3 storage solution, HELIOS. It taps on the competitive advantages of the most sustainable and most accessible fuel. It produces hydrogen thanks to the electrolysis reaction, without emitting any pollutant at all. In that way, it can store excess electricity in the form of compressible hydrogen - which renders it a unique solution for seasonal storage applications (up to months).



The integration of blockchain technology in METRON and the operability with Pylon Network, allows for the decentralisation of governance by offering instantaneous smart contracts for exchange of energy-payments and the easy integration of various energy consumption data; all these into a convenient and "clean" energy dashboard, easily accessible from your smartphone, or your laptop (iOS app/Android app/Web).

Green mining

Green mining

The Green Miners constitute the pillar of the reward system implemented in Pylon Network; they are the vehicle that adds value to the generation of green energy, without adding further burden to the energy demand.

With “Green Mining” the correct incentives are in place, in order to prioritize own-consumption over consumption for "mining". With the proposed reward system and Green Mining model, we ensure that "mining" only occurs with electricity that would otherwise, go to waste – in other words, it does not add to the total energy consumption.



Develop 1rst version blockchain platform for smartmeters. C++ custom Blockchain infrastructure.

METRON smartmeters installation in local area

Jul '17 - Oct '17

Platform simulation with consumers and producers in local area

Dec '17 - Mar '18

Develop Cons/Prod/Coop dapps

Dec '17 - Jan '18

Hardware installation Phase 1 (METRON users - national scale)

29th Sep '17 - 25th Nov '17'

Pre ICO and ICO Token Sale

Jan '18 - Sep '18'

Pylon exchange platform. National scale pilot (Customers/Cooperative)

Jan '18 - Apr '18

Hardware installation Phase 2(PV + HELIOS national)

Feb '18 - Apr '18

Develop ”Green Miners” for new Hybrid PoC/PoW mining technology

Sep '18 - Nov '18

Commercialization for RECs. (Partnership with Goiener Cooperative; Spain)

Jun '18 - Jul '18

PYLON platform launch

Mar '18 - May '18

Desktop Coop app for smart invoicing - exchange service integration

Jan '19 - Feb '19

Investment round

Feb '19 - '20

Commercialization in RECs Outside Spain Expansion to EU markets


Information about the token

Parameter Value
Operation Platform Name Pylon Network
Token Name Pylon-token
Symbol PYLNT
Total premined token 3.750.000
Token sale Pre-ICO 750.000
Token sale ICO 2.500.000
Token type (initial - ICO) Ethereum-based
Initial price per token 1,52€
Pre ICO Period 29th September '17 to 17th October '17
ICO Period Until Block 4.484.565 (*2nd of November)


250k €

100 Metron installed

Metron mobile DApp consumer version

Coop. desktop DApp

1M €

200 Metron installed

100 KW PV Power new

1 Helios unit

Metron mobile DApp consumer, producer and prosumer version

Coop. desktop DApp

2M €

400 Metron installed

300 KW PV Power new

3 Helios unit

Metron mobile DApp consumer, producer and prosumer version

Coop. desktop DApp

3.8M €

800 Metron installed

600 KW PV Power new

6 Helios unit

Metron mobile DApp consumer, producer and prosumer version

Coop. desktop DApp


  • Gerard Bel


    Gerard Bel

    Industry Automation & Electrical Engineer – Specialization in FC

  • Agustín Roig


    Agustín Roig

    Industrial Engineer and Product Designer

  • Markos Romanos


    Markos Romanos

    Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineer

  • Eugenio Moliner


    Eugenio Moliner

    Electronics and Automation Engineer – Specialization in PV

  • Marc Feliu


    Marc Feliu

    Blockchain and fullstack developer

  • Gerard Arall


    Gerard Arall

    Security specialist and back-end developer

  • César Sanz


    César Sanz

    Front-end developer

  • Alex lópez


    Alex lópez

    Alternative Coins. Ekhi coin board member

  • Jose Álvarez


    Jose Álvarez

    Energy market analyst

  • Joaquín Mora

    Co CTO

    Joaquín Mora

    Buisiness management

  • Cristina Carrascosa


    Cristina Carrascosa

    Blockchain legal expert


  • Bill Buchan

    Bill Buchan

    Management Consulting

  • Will Wright

    Will Wright

    Business Development

  • Luis Sacristan

    Luis Sacristan

    Marketing and PR

  • Carlos Sagues

    Carlos Sagues

    Electronic Control Advisor

  • Paul deGive

    Paul deGive

    Business advisor

  • Athanasios Kitsidis

    Athanasios Kitsidis

    Entrepreneurial and development projects.

  • George Kaplanis

    George Kaplanis

    Expert Consultant on H2 + Fuel Cells, Batteries & EV’s

  • Lars Henrik Juel

    Lars Henrik Juel

    Lead Commercial Developer

  • Masoud Rokni

    Masoud Rokni

    Associate Professor at Technical University of Denmark

  • Guto Owen

    Guto Owen

    Clean Energy Consultant


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