Pylon Network. The Energy-Wise Blockchain Platform

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“A neutral energy data facilitator for the provision of added-value services to every-day consumers and other stakeholders”

Empowering the end user (consumers/prosumers) by helping them save money & energy.

Empowering retailers and ESCOs who can offer more targeted, informed and personalized services based on the high-quality, granular consumer data of Pylon Network's Neutral Data Hub.

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How it Works?

Pylon Network Blockchain

This is the first and unique blockchain designed for the needs of the energy sector.

  • 100% Sustainable
  • Security & Privacy
  • Data transparency
  • Energy traceability




Beta Release Pylon Network Wallet for PYLNT & PYLNC

Pyloncoin MAIN NET (Beta)

Launch of MainNet Beta program

Roadmap Update

Release of the next Roadmap milestones


Federated Nodes – First Installations

The first round of installations for the Federated Nodes of Pylon Network.

Release of details for PYLNC distributions

Information regarding the $PYLNC distributions to $PYLNT holders will be released


Wallets Release (De-Bugged Version – postponed)

The reviewed and improved version of Pylon wallets for $PYLNT & $PYLNC will be released.

MainNet Launch

MainNet of Pylon Network (and $PYLNC) launched.

First PYLNC Distributions to PYLNT Holders

Soon after the launch of MainNet and Pyloncoin the first distribution of $PYLNC to all Pylon Network stakeholders begins.

PYLNC Exchange Listings

$PYLNC is listed in the first exchanges

$PYLNT Smart Contract Update

A patch for listing $PYLNT in DEX will be released.

$PYLNT listing on DEX

$PYLNT will be listed on decentralized exchanges (DEX).


NDH – Official Launch of Commercial Activities (Spain)

The full operation of Pylon Network’s Neutral Data Hub (NDH) is revealed to the public.

First energy stakeholders of Pylon Network

The first energy stakeholders to join Pylon Network are revealed to the public.

First services offered through Pylon Network

The digital ecosystem of Pylon Network is completed with the integration of the first digital services with the Neutral Data Hub.

Metron APP integration with Pylon Network’s NDH

The METRON mobile app will be integrated with Pylon Network’s NDH – addressing to consumers.

Roadmap Update

The roadmap for 2020 will be published.


Pleased to meet you!

  • Gerard Bel


    Gerard Bel

    Industry Automation & Electrical Engineer

  • Agustín Roig


    Agustín Roig

    Industrial Engineer and Product Designer

  • Markos Romanos


    Markos Romanos

    Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineer

  • Eugenio Moliner


    Eugenio Moliner

    Electronics and Automation Engineer – Specialization in PV

  • Marc Feliu


    Marc Feliu

    Blockchain and fullstack developer

  • Cristina Carrascosa


    Cristina Carrascosa

    Blockchain legal expert

  • Juan Gavilan


    Juan Gavilan

    Accountant and financial

  • Paco Negre


    Paco Negre

    Business Strategy


  • Bill Buchan

    Bill Buchan

    California Management Consulting

  • Guto Owen

    Guto Owen

    Clean Energy Consultant

  • Juan Garcia Buitron

    Juan Garcia Buitron

    Energy Market Advisor

  • Alex lópez

    Alex lópez

    Alternative Coins. Ekhi coin board member

  • Jose Álvarez

    Jose Álvarez

    Energy market analyst

  • Joaquín Mora

    Joaquín Mora

    Tech Advisor

  • Julio Campo

    Julio Campo

    Energy Cooperatives Consultant

  • Vicent Nos

    Vicent Nos

    Blockchain Expert Developer


Who collaborate in the project

  • Goiener
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Ewii
  • Chip-chap
  • Entropy factory
  • Ecrwod
  • Ecoindus
  • Fair Coop
  • Fair Coin
  • Egeo
  • La Corriente
  • Ecooo
  • Vagalume Energía
  • UnionRenovables
  • Ateneo
  • BrightonCoop
  • EnergyCities
  • LaPinada


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